Why 4-Cycle Trimmers Are a No Go

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While 4-Cycle trimmers offer easier starts, better low RPM torque and no need to use a mixture of gas and 2-Cycle oil for fuel, there is a fatal limitation:

If you use your trimmer for flat areas (horizontal) and rotate the trimmer for side edging (vertical) or point it up or down, you change the position of the crankcase from the bottom of the engine to another position.  4-Cycle engines need crankcase lubrication from the bottom. Unless the crankcase remains at the bottom of the engine, a 4-Cycle engine will be starved of lubricants and will eventually seize up and suffer irreparable damage.

If you do use a 4-Cycle trimmer, always reposition the accessory tool on the shaft when switching between horizontal and vertical trimming use. You can never use a 4-Cycle trimmer pointed upward or downward. Always keep the 4-Cycle engine flat, with the crankcase at the bottom. Even in storage.

A 2-Cycle engine is lubricated with its fuel. It can operate on flats (horizontal), edges (vertical), pointed up, or pointed down. A 2-Cycle engine can operate at all angles, tilts, and attitudes – to meet your trimming needs.

A 4-Cycle engine – requiring frequent rotation adjustments of the tool shaft during use to keep the crankcase at the bottom, are a no go, unless your use of the trimmer always requires just one position for the trimmer tool attachment.

An early sign of pending 4-Cycle trimmer engine destruction is oil appearing at the carburetor / air filter area and low oil levels.

If you need to trim weeds at multiple angles and attitudes – use a 2-Cycle engine powered trimmer.

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