Thirdpower picked up the quote from Steve Herr from a letter in the Chicago Tribune.

Mike-istan picks up on it here, also.

Steve’s solution is this:

I have a simple message to everyone who is applauding the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding the 2nd Amendment: I am perfectly willing to not only let you have a gun but as many guns as you want. There’s just one catch. You must prove to me, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you are a member of “a well-regulated militia,” as provided by the full wording of the 2nd Amendment. If you cannot, or will not, do this, then you do not get to have a gun.

That is the best solution in the world.

—Steve Herr

Traction Control was established years ago to provide EXACTLY THIS: the very “best solution in the world.”

For those who agree with Steve’s solution, you can log-in to TractionControl.Well-RegulatedMilitia.org and leave a comment (off-topic comments are OK), or send an email message to USCitizen@Well-RegulatedMilitia.org).

Provide your name, email address and request a certificate (and send $10.00 – Fax Form here for credit cards) and I will certify your membership in a Well-RegulatedMilitia.  Certificates are no cost with firearm purchases of $600 or more from https://Well-RegulatedMilitia.com/FFL/.

Your registration and certification as a member of a Well-RegulatedMilitia entitles you to the full array of right our Constitution protects, plus a Certificate in fancy script. (Note:  Postage, handling and production charges will run about ten bucks per certificate). 

Of course, registration here is not required – it’s a Right you already have!  But if someone like Steve insists on proof vis-a vis a piece of paper, I can deliver!



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