Shots on Steel

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Every shooter knows the sound. The clang of a well-aimed shot on steel.

The sound is the same, but it’s an entirely different experience when it’s not a bullet, but a golf ball you are firing downrange!

At the 18th tee of a 372 yard par four I chose the MacGregor VIP Titanium driver and one Callaway, caliber 168 golf ball.

Caliber 168, Callaway Taking aim, I fired round one. The shot took off low and left, then Clang!

Golf ball on steel!

Hitting the 200 yard marker, 172 yards downrange.

Reloading (er re-‘teeing’) for shot number two, I adjusted my point of aim. A full, smooth swing; solid impact at the clubface; ball flying low and straight then … Clang!

Golf ball on steel!

This time it was the 150 yard marker, 232 yards downrange.

Two hits for two consecutive shots and varying ranges from the tee box. Woot!

I’ve played hundreds of rounds and cannot say that I’ve ever hit a yardage marker. Hitting two different markers, two shots in a row will have the boys talking for a while. If only I could have done it intentionally, that is, while aiming. Oh well.

The sound of well-placed shots on steel.

Nothing like it!

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