Question on AKaa45’s Anniversary for Spouses

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JR at A Keyboard and a .45 is celebrating his one year anniversary today. Pay a visit and help answer a question from his Mail Bag

“How to help a spouse become comfortable with the ideas of using a firearm in self defense.”

My experience (posted in a comment at JR’s place) was this:


I had a similar challenge:

Wife home alone in our Santa Cruz, CA mountain home with our newborn daughter and me, a one-hour commute away.

My words were:

“Please, don’t let me return from work to find out that something horrible has happened to you or to our daughter because you did not want to defend her with the tools we have (firearms).”

“Your objections (to guns) was your decision when you lived alone, but now that we are a family, you have to take our daughter’s needs, and my needs, into consideration.”

The protection instinct for mothers is one of the strongest in nature. Those words hit home instantly.

The rest of the afternoon was target practice; loading and unloading practice; the four rules of safety; and much relief for me.

Several weeks later, when a dead battery caused me to be late to work, I entered the kitchen (about two hours after I should have been at the office) and heard the click of the cylinder rotating in a Ruger Blackhawk.

My dear wife took the lessons seriously and reacted appropriately to the unexpected sound of the door opening mid-morning.

I was both proud of her and thankful (for me) that the safety rules were understood as well. Ultimately, it is not about defending ourselves, but defending those we love – especially the helpless, from the dangers of this world that make our rights sacred.

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