The Colt .22 Tactical Rimfire line is manufactured by Carl Walther, Germany and imported to the US by Umarex.

The products consist of six models (three types with 30-round or 10-round capacity magazines).

The model pictured below (from top to bottom) are the M16 Rifle (UX2245055), the M4 Carbine (UX2245050), and the M4-OPS Carbine (UX2245051).

Both carbine models have barrel lengths of 16.2″; the M16 Rifle has a 21.2″ barrel.

Colt_All3 (click for big)

Both Carbines come equipped with 6-position collapsible stocks.  The M4 features a removable carry handle and the M4 OPS has and extended Picatinny rail and a modified fore end grip.

The  M4 Carbine OPS model is on the bottom of this comparison photo:

ColtCarbines (click for big)

Compared to the AR-15 (Colt AR-15 SP1 model used for comparison) the M16 Rifle has a slightly longer buttstock and barrel (the AR15 is 20″ compared to the M16 Rifle’s 21.2″).

Pictures show comparison – Colt AR-15 on top, M16 Rifle on bottom:

ColtM16vAR15 (click for big)

Despite the model names (“M4” and “M16”) that evoke their military counterparts, these firearms are strictly semiautomatic in operation.

Compared to the .22LR Conversion kits (see Jonathan Arthur Ciener and CMMG) at $199.95, plus the cost of dedicated .22LR upper assemblies, e.g., $575.99 at this CMMG link, or $439.99 Olympic Arms at Midway, I think that the Colt Tactical Rimfires are exceptional values.  The least expensive of the conversion examples above would total $640, while the most expensive Colt .22 Tactical Rimfire model is $574.99.

Models and availability are here: Umarex page; all items available are at the main page: Well-RegulatedMilitia.com/FFL/.

Special Offer: Order a Colt Tactical Rimfire by August 15, 2009 and get free shipping!

Order Form.

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