JR from A Keyboard and a .45 and I met up with a few others and trekked to the Sooper Sekrit River spot for some cordite enhanced recreation. The cold weather did not descend on the area as the weather channels were predicting, and instead we were treated to a beautiful afternoon of shooty goodness.

River Spot
A good turn-out.

Our goal this time was not the concentration of precision target match shooting – today, our quest was to make NOISE!

And, that we did.

Between ourselves and those with us, we saw fully automatic Mac-11s, Uzi, H&K MP5s, M-16s and AK-47s. The semi-auto fare included AR-15s, more Uzi’s and M-14s. There were also a variety of pistols and shotguns on hand, too.

JR tries the Mac-11.

I think he really liked the Uzi!.

Thomas throws out the brass – five in the air, caught in pixels!

New Shooter
And we had a New Shooter!

One of the better achievement awards in the noise-making arena went to the group to our left.

The first Tannerite charge was set off below the cliff at the water’s edge; shaking the ground and raining bits of mud for least ten seconds afterward.

The second, third and fourth charges had the women headed for the cars and speaking – from some personal experience, about the sound of IEDs. The Army vets in our group assured them – from their experience, that the sound was really more like Claymore mines.

Noise was definitely made today; Mission Accomplished.

Happy New Year.

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