Mainstream Media Ignores Fast and Furious Story

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From Administration Kills Americans – MSM Doesn’t Care (by Pajamas Media – Tony Katz):

“This (Fast and Furious) case has exposed the MSM in two horrific ways.  First, it is yet more proof that the MSM refuses to portray the Administration honestly.  Second, it shows how absolute the first point is (Fast and Furious’ misguided premise put guns in the hands of violent criminals, cost millions of dollars, killed Border Agent Brian Terry and – if ever investigated – may expose barbaric corruption at the Department of Justice, and the White House).  Border Agent Brian Terry is dead due to this operation, and who knows how many countless Mexicans.  This plan has put all US Border Agents at incalculable risk, and shows a level of complete incompetence from those in charge who put Progressive desires ahead of human life.

Media bias doesn’t kill, but it seems to go out of its way to protect the killers.”

It’s like a preview of the selective lack of media outrage that happens when grandmothers are body-searched at TSA checkpoints; when body scanners are set up at stadiums and bus stations and subway platforms; when Congressman seal themselves in their offices during respectful Tea Party protests; when phone banks are overloaded to the point that constituents cannot register their concerns.

When a SWAT Team throws your pregnant wife onto the ground; or shoots your family dog in front of your kids don’t expect the Mainstream Media to notice.

Is it because Journalistic Integrity only applies if the story supports the Statists in Power?

The outrage is there, even if it does not make it through the Mainstream Media’s (MSM’s) ‘newsworthy filters’.

The good news is, they are outnumbered; they are surrounded; we are on to their schemes; and they know it.

Ride Right Through Them. They Are Demoralized as hell! – Sheridan

Information is our friend. If you blog or Facebook, or MySpace, or run a forum or a radio show expose the truth, because the MSM cannot be relied on to do it.


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