America Can’t Compete in Arms Sales

From Jihad Watch we have this:

Iraqi government officials secretly buy 100,000 Russian automatic weapons

“It seems strange that a pro-Western government, supported by the U.S. Army and other NATO countries on its own territory, would seek Russian or Chinese weapons through questionable channels.” Indeed it does.

The story goes on to outline an arms deal unearthed during a probe in Italy.

As the secretive, $40 million deal neared completion, Italian authorities moved in, making arrests and breaking it up.

Well, Virginia, it’s not so strange after all. For all the hoopla and PSH (see SayUncle for PSH definition) surrounding our ‘unfettered access to firearms’ in this country, it simply ain’t so.

A while back, I wrote about “bids I am considering (like the 31,000 AK-47’s for Iraq’s security forces)” (See Firearms Pricing Experiment). Post-ban articles (transferable to military, government and Law Enforcement) are import and country of origin restricted by the terms of the bid I mention here.

America, home of the 2nd Amendment, cannot arm its allies due to the National Firearms Act, BATFE Regulations, and Import/Export controls. The demand for firearms in the world is a reality. But you say, “But couldn’t the Government just buy them?” Yes, but from who? Even the Government needs suppliers.

Switching the topic from Government acquisitions to Individual ownership, it gets worse.

The only ‘transferable’ AK-47’s are those registered prior to 1986 – since there is such a finite market – about 182,000 firearms in all in this category (that’s ALL guns, not just AK-47’s); scarcity drives prices way up. Subguns.com lists two: one for $13,500 and another for $15,500.

Let’s compare pricing for ‘legally-transferable’ weapons to the actual market value by doing a little math.

A $40 million arms deal for 100,000 AK-47’s? Let’s see 100K into $40 million … why that’s just $400 per copy. Compared to $14,000+ (average quoted price from above) the good ol’ US dollar just doesn’t go too far in the USofA. (Did you ever wonder how all those African warlords came up with $14K for each of their guns? They didn’t have to – because they didn’t have to buy them in the US.) The Transfer tax alone (if these weapons were to be transferred to an individual) is 50% of the Russian manufacturers’ cost.

Add to the pricing, an individual has other paperwork, documentation, signatures etc. to go through. Frankly, the process and the expense is tremendous.

So it’s about $15K for a $400 rifle for individuals. No Sale for government or foreign allies.

Feeling Infringed Much?

Update: Gateway Pundit has this

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