I’m shopping for a deep-concealment handgun. I’m looking at either the North American Arms .22 Magnum Mini-Revolver, or the Beretta Tomcat. (I’ve already got a Beretta 950, which I guess is more or less the current Bobcat model in .25, but I want more oomph).What I really wanted was one of these, but apparently the idiot regulators in Kalifornia have banned them as being “unsafe.”Thoughts? Opinions? Other suggestions?

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I Answered

I think I can help you out.

First of all, .25 caliber will only piss someone off if you use your Beretta. .22 mag is for small long-range varmints, not big ones.

If someone is intent on wreaking havoc upon your person, you do not want them to be pissed off in the process.

First stop in the decision process: caliber.
Answer: .45

Next stop type:
Answer: most any of the 1911 variants will be fine, but for carry, look first at the Kimber Pro Carry line, then compare everything else you see against that.
Hope this helps. Thanks for linking.

Your thoughts?


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