Once again this year the Cowboy Fast Draw Association (CFDA) hosted the Gunblogger Rendezvous’ gunslingers to an exciting morning of wax slinging.

The Cowboy Fast Draw Association’s website is www.cowboyfastdraw.com.

For those not familiar with Cowboy Fast Draw, we have this from the August/September 2011 edition of Gunslinger’s Gazette, the guns used are period correct “single action revolvers, factory chambered for .45 Colt caliber, with non-adjustable rear sights such as: SAA Colt, Colt Bisley, 1858 Remington conversions, 1875 Remington, S&W Schofield and faithful reproductions thereof, plus most Ruger Vaquero models.

The ammunition we used today was made from .45 Colt cases which were modified to accept a shotgun primer with no powder and a wax bullet.

Behind the 24” round targets was a fabric backstop.

Digital timers record shot time to the thousandth of a second from impact sensors on the targets.

The contests are one-on-one pairings where the fastest shot wins – if both targets are hit. If the first one to shoot misses, the second shooter can take careful aim and win the contest with a hit.

The amazing thing about Cowboy Fastdraw shooting is the adrenalin rush that hits you when you are paired side-by-side against your opponent.

Following the announcements of  “Shooters on the Line” and “Shooters Set” a random period of two to five seconds elapse before lights on the target centers are illuminated. It’s time to draw and fire.

Championship contests in the “Master Gunfighter” class are held at a distance of 21 feet to the target. “Gunfighter” class competitions are held at a target distance of 18 feet. Our group was staged at a “Gunslinger” class distance of 15 feet.

The last man standing wins the double elimination competition.

Here is this year’s final showdown between Ahab (in Red) and Ricochet Mike – last year’s grand champion, (in Brown):

[Picture links to 9.3 Mb AVI format movie clip.]

Cowboy fast draw targets and timers can be set up almost anywhere.  A Two Lane Complete Package (with the option of adding targets) can be purchased for $619.  Contact Quick Cal at www.cowboyfastdraw.com for pricing details.

It’s a hoot!

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