The Gunbloggers headed out to the Cowboy Fastdraw Association‘s headquarters to participate in slappin’ leather Old West Style at Sage Hill Clays in Reno, NV.

Sage Hill Clays
7370 Desert Way
Reno, Nevada 89521

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Once everyone arrived and signed in, we were treated to an overview of the Cowboy Fastdraw technique by none other than Quick Cal himself.

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Cowboy Fastdraw rules require period-correct equipment (single action revolvers and holsters).  Other than trigger / action refinements, about the only modifications to gear allowed is a small angled, metal plate at the bottom of the loop holsters.  The plate serves to deflect a shot if discharged down into the holster.

The rounds themselves are .45 Long Colt brass that are specially designed to accept shotgun primers. The projectiles are hard wax and no propellant other than the primer is used.

Quick Cal tells us that the Cowboy Fastdraw round weigh 18 grains and travel at 650 feet per second – strong enough to penetrate a 3/8″ piece of plywood!

With instructions completed, and gear selected we stepped up to the line.

The prompts from the Range Officers are “Shooter Ready” followed by “Shooter Set”.

In the Set position, you will have you right leg back and slightly bent, and lean back from the waist.  You shooting hand is loosely on the gun, with your thumb on the hammer.  This hand position is called “Lawman Ready”.

Following the “Shooter Set” announcement is a random interval of 2 to 5 seconds before a light – about 3″ in diameter appears on all targets.  That’s the cue to draw, cock the weapon and fire! (Note: There is no time for “aim” – it’s about stance, position, and angle of your grip to get the speed shot off.)  Fastest shot to hit the target is the winner of pairings in adjacent lanes of fire.

Everyone had a chance to shoot with initial pairs selected by shuffling of cards with our names on them.  The competition progressed through a double-elimination process until there were two.  The Last (Hu)Man Standing wins.

My One-On-One Matchup with the reigning Womens’ Steel Challenge Champion
No Pressure – right?
(photo credit to The Packing Rat)

Our “Final Four” came down to Mike (CS Tactical), Dave (Random Nuclear Strikes), Molly (The Molly Minute), and Derek (The Packing Rat).

Here’s an AVI video of the final four in action. Lanes 1 & 2 for 1st place; lanes 3 & 4 were for 3rd place.

Mike took first place honors with consistently fast shots throughout the session.

Yours truly finished 5th.

Group Photo of the Cowboy Fastdraw Gunbloggers.

This was the last official event of the Gunblogger Rendezvous – it sure was a fun finish!

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