Separated from the previous post, a thread from FlightAware

Celebrities Killed in Aviation Accidents.

A list culled from that thread brings some memories:

10 members of Rick Hendrick’s crew and family
Amelia Earhart
Bill Graham (concert promoter from the Bay Area)
Buddy Holly
Glenn Miller
Jim Croce
John Denver
Otis Redding
Patsy Cline
Randy Rhodes
Richie Valens
Ricky Nelson
Ronnie Van Zant and 2 members of Lynard Skynard
Ryan Handley (Son of Raven acrobatic pilot, Wayne Handley)
Stephen Colbert’s father and brother
Stevie Ray Vaughan
The Big Bopper
Vic Morrow. He wasn’t IN a helicopter when it crashed, but he was decapitated by the “chopper’s” main rotor blades while filming Twilight Zone: The Movie. So technically, he was killed in an aeronautical accident.
Will Rogers

And a list of athletes who have died in plane crashes:

6 members of the Egyptian fencing team, in the Atlantic Ocean. Aug. 14, 1958
6 members of the Iowa State women’s cross country team in Des Moines, Iowa. Nov. 25, 1985
6 members of the Lamar Tech track team, in Beaumont, Texas. April 28, 1968
8 members of the English soccer champion Manchester United, in Munich. Feb. 6, 1958
14 members of the U.S. amateur boxing team in Warsaw, Poland. March 14, 1980
14 University of Evansville basketball players and coach Bobby Watson in Evansville, Ind. Dec. 13, 1977
14 Wichita State football players, in Colorado. Oct. 2, 1970
16 members of the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo football team, in Toledo, Ohio. Oct. 10, 1960
17 players of the Alianza Peruvian first-division soccer team in Lima, Peru. Dec. 8, 1987
18 members of the U.S. figure skating team, in Belgium. Feb. 16, 1961
18 players and five team officials of Zambia’s national soccer team in Libreville, Gabon. April 28, 1993
22 members of Torino, the Italian soccer champions, in Turin, Italy. May 4, 1949
25 members of Bolivian soccer team “The Strongest”, in the Andes. Sept. 26, 1969
30 members of a Uruguayan rugby club, in Chile. Oct. 11, 1972
36 Marshall University football players, in Huntington, W.Va. Nov. 14, 1970
Al Holbert, six-time IMSA champion, near Columbus Ohio. Sept. 30, 1988
Alan Kulwicki, NASCAR’s 1992 champion, in Blountville, Tenn. April 1, 1993
Bo Rein, LSU football coach, in the Atlantic Ocean. Jan. 11, 1980
Brook Berringer, Nebraska quarterback, two days before the NFL draft, when the small plane he was piloting crashed in Raymond, Neb. April 18, 1996
Charlie Peete, St. Louis Cardinal outfielder, in Venezuela. Nov. 27, 1956
Cory Lidle 1973-2006 Oct-11, 2006
Davey Allison, NASCAR driver, the day after a helicopter he was piloting crashed on the infield at Talladega Superspeedway in Talladega, Ala. July 13, 1993
Green Cross, a first-division Chilean soccer team, in the Las Lastimas Mountains. April 3, 1961
Jay Ramsdell, CBA Commissioner, in Sioux City, Iowa. July 19, 1989
Joaquin Blume, Spain’s European gymnastics champion, in Madrid. April 29, 1959
John McBride, Alabama halfback, killed in ROTC training flight in Texas July 1, 1954
Johnny Dieckman, world fly-casting champion, in Chicago. March 1, 1962
Ken Hubbs, 22, Chicago Cub second baseman, in Utah. Feb. 15, 1964
Knute Rockne, Notre Dame football coach, in Kansas March 31, 1931
Marcel Cerdan, former world middleweight champion, en route to fight Jake LaMotta in Spain. Oct. 27, 1949
Marvin Goodwin, Cincinnati Reds pitcher, in Houston. Oct. 18, 1925
Nick Vanos, Phoenix Suns center, in Romulus, Mich. Aug. 16, 1987
Oklahoma State basketball players Dan Lawson and Nate Fleming, and six team staffers and broadcasters, in Byers, Colo. Jan. 27, 2001
Payne Stewart, winner of the 1989 PGA Championship and a two-time U.S. Open winner, two miles west of Mina, S.D. Oct. 25, 1999
Philip Scrutton, British Walker Cup golfer. Oct. 30, 1958
Rex Dockery, Memphis State football coach, with offensive coordinator Chris Faros and defensive back Charles Greenhill, Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Dec. 12, 1983
Rocky Marciano
Roberto Clemente, Pittsburgh Pirate outfielder, from San Juan, Puerto Rico en route to Nicaragua to aid earthquake victims. Dec. 31, 1972
Rodney Culver, San Diego Chargers running back, in Florida Everglades. May 11, 1996
Ron Flockhart, Scottish racing driver, in Melbourne. April 12, 1962
Thurman Munson, New York Yankees catcher, in Canton, Ohio. Aug. 2, 1979
Tom Gastall, Baltimore Orioles catcher, in Maryland. Sept. 20, 1956
Tony Lema, 1964 British Open champion, in Munster, Ind. July 24, 1966
Wendell Ladner, New York Nets forward, in New York. June 24, 1975
Wilbur Shaw, President of Indianapolis Motor Speedway, in Decatur, Ind. Oct. 30, 1954

Quite a list. I know there are more.

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