CBS Headline: AK-47s in Florida

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CBS’s Kelly Cobiella reports: AK-47s are being used by street criminals in Florida and the police are starting to carry the weapon as well to have an “even chance.”

What is bogus about this picture? Can’t the gun expert find the handguard?

I can just wonder what else is bogus about this article?

In the video’s script, the narrator says AKs are available for $200, but the police officers have to spend $1000 for AR-15s. Oh, that and fully automatic Uzi’s are ‘the only gun suitable for the gang banger’s ‘hood’.

More hysteria from CBS:

Police Forces Upgrading Their Firepower

As criminals increasingly turn to automatic weapons that can pierce body armor, some police forces are upgrading their own arsenals – sometimes at the officer’s expense. Kelly Cobiella reports (again)

Where is this all leading? Should we repeal the National Firearms Act of 1934 because it’s ineffectual?

[Hmmm. Maybe they’re onto something! – Ed.]

But wait, there’s more! It’s an AK-47 Marathon at CBS!

Kelly Cobiella has even more! in an interview with Grady “G,” an illegal gun owner, about why he feels that he needs to own an AK-47 for safety. “G” is among a growing number of AK-47 owners in Florida.

It looks like it’s an all-on assault against the National Firearms act of 1934 at CBS.

Echo Chamber Alert:

I’ve read the escalating stories for days now at CBS.

Enough is enough!

Are there actual incidents (since the 1999 Hollywood Robbery) where an automatic weapon was used in a crime?

Snowflakes from Hell links the story:

From Traction Control, CBS is turning up the bullcrap up to 11 on “Assault Weapons”.

(My comment on his blog:)

‘As the hysteria mounts over 4 or 7 news cycles at CBS, I say, “Enough! Let’s repeal the National Firearms Act of 1934! and let bygones be buy-guns.”’

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