Good men in arms never bow to evil, lest civilization perish from the Earth.

Always Remember: 9/11/2001

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Never Forget. Never Forgive. Via New York Post: Fresh evidence submitted in a major 9/11 lawsuit moving forward against the Saudi Arabian government reveals its embassy in Washington may have funded a “dry run” for the hijackings carried out by two Saudi employees, further reinforcing the claim employees and agents of the kingdom directed and […]

Never Forget: 9/11/2016

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We will never forget September 11, 2001.

9-11: Remember our Heroes

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Michelle has a roundup – and a round up from other sites. Lan astaslem: I will not surrender … and forgiveness is not an option.


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We Remember .

. In Arabic, it means “I will not surrender. I will not submit.” In practical terms, it means, “I will not be muslim.” In Texas, it means “Bring it on.” H/T Michelle With this post, let me point out that Michelle has entered the realm of the first name only recognenitia. Along with Oprah, Madonna, […]

Barbara Keating is honored by USCitizen at the blog Traction Control, the 1602th blogger to sign up for the 2,996 Tribute project. 2,996: A Tribute to the Victims of 9/11 Bloggers honor the innocent victims of that fateful day… Barbara Keating, age 72. Place killed: American Airlines Flight 11. Resident of Palm Springs, Calif. (USA). […]


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