Day 24: Hood in place – Latch bolt needed to finish … Also outer cowl, windshield wipers and radio antennae! Careful observers will note the rifle rack installed in the back window. Sweet. An eBay bargain!  

She Ain’t Purty … Yet:
Fenders & Grill

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Fenders & Grill

Day 23: It seems like I spent half the day getting the first bolt hole to line up on the passenger side.  After that it went pretty well. Chrome pieces to be added after paint. The steering column arrived, but a few more pieces are still needed. Turn signal lever, emergency light button, &c. I’m […]

She Ain’t Purty … Yet:

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Day 22: Interesting challenge of the day was: “Why is there a 2-1/2″ opening where the 2-7/8″ rear cross sill goes?” Answer Part I: A section of steel plate extended down from the bed sides’ post supports. After a call to the parts supplier which yielded no additional information, the only reason I could see […]

She Ain’t Purty … Yet:

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Day 21: I found the 6-part door repair series by milkcrate82 very helpful in this process. Here are links to his videos: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 The disassembly sequence for Chevy truck doors is: 1) Panels 2) Track (bolts at back of door and inside) 3) Weather […]

Days 13 – 20: Some replacement parts arrived today. Thanks LMC Truck! And kudos for your customer service. In the meanwhile, I been tinkering a bit more. The fan shroud is now properly aligned. The lower hood latch is installed. A leak at the radiator’s Low Coolant warning sensor outlet was resolved with some thread […]

Two Speed Wiper Switch Wiring for 1968-1972 GM Trucks

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In case “someone” helpfully discarded the factory wiring harness plug and then replaced your Chevy wiper control switch with another that doesn’t in anyway resemble the correct part, here are the 1968-1972 terminal wiring assignments for: Beginning Year: 1968 Ending Year: 1972 Make: CHEVROLET C10 PICKUP C10 SUBURBAN C20 PICKUP C20 SUBURBAN C30 PICKUP K10 […]

Day 12: The first step for today was to have the new Moog ball joints press fit into the lower control arms. $40 later and we’re ready for some assembly. I drilled the saddle holes for larger (9/16″) u-bolts from LMC Truck and test fit all four. Note the rivet in the center of the […]

Day 11: For some reason, the early Chevy C10 pickup trucks had an internal fuel tank.  Internal as in inside the cab. The problem with mine was that the internal tank leaked. Add 10 gallons of gas? Prepare for seepage about 2/3 from the bottom, and gas fumes? Most unpleasant. The solution: An external gas […]

Day 10: Old bed removed (now on Craigslist!), tailgate hinges and latch disassembled, tail lights, backup and license plate lights removed. Power brake fittings and vacuum hose installed New steering gear, Pitman arm and idler arm installed. Inner cowl and front of cab sanded and primer coated.    

She Ain’t Purty … Yet

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Day 9: Power brakes! One vacuum fitting and 12″ of 3/8″ hose to go.

Days 7 & 8 The Starting Point Ball Joints, coil springs, tie rods and spindles removed. Brake lines disconnected. Upper and lower control arms removed. Side note:  See that small disc in the center? That’s the bottom of the exhaust manifold where a once-leaky heat riser valve used to be.  I disconnected the exhaust flange […]

She Ain’t Purty … Yet

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Day 6: Parts ordered so far include all new sheet metal except for the top and back of the cab, new front end components, 2.5″ drop spindles, lower springs, shocks, four row radiator and radiator support, tilt steering column, dash panel, bed floor components, and more. The engine compartment could use a bit of touch […]

Check it out on eBay – or buy direct for a 5% DISCOUNT!      

Day 5: Waiting for parts, so … Pictures!

Day 4: With the new carburetor and fuel line installed the old six cylinder 250 runs good again! We tested the wiring on the wiper motor and determined the problem is probably a switch fault.  Re-installed new motor under dash and . Wiper switch and other dashboard control pieces are on order. Installed new belts […]

She Ain’t Purty … Yet (continued)

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Day 2: Muffler replaced; complete brake system rebuild (new drums, shoes, springs, hoses); new tires and wheels, oil and filter change. Added Cost: $2,374.36 Day 3: Wiper Motor replaced; seat cover installed; Air Cleaner replaced; cracked base plate found on carburetor (dang). Parts ordered: Lowering coil springs (Front by 4″, Rear by 6″); door mirrors; […]

1968 Chevrolet C-10 Standard Cab with Short Fleetside Bed.  250 cu. in. straight six with 3-speed manual transmission. Day 1: Title Registration, windshield replacement, wiper blades, duplicate key, adjust and bleed brakes, plug vacuum leak, explode muffler with a backfire (oops). Added Cost:  $296.71  

Go Kart Science

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According to the Woodbridge Cart Club target weight distribution for go-karts are: 43% Front Weight 57% Rear Weight 50%/50% Left/Right Weight Are these the ideal ratios? Update: I see that wildkart and dinardokarting suggest: KF3: 44.4% Front Weight 55.6% Rear Weight KF1/KF2: 43.3% Front Weight 56.7% Rear Weight KZ: 43.5% Front Weight 56.5% Rear Weight […]

Go Kart!

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Go Kart fun! Replaced the 72 tooth final drive sprocket with a 60-tooth model and boosted the top end to 40+ mph.  I still need to do some fine-tune adjustments on the tie rods, but the old Go Kart has still got a lot of zoom in it! The 195cc Tecumseh 6 HP Power Sport […]

Check Out the Awesome Ride For Sale at Smilin’ Dave’s!

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Continuing with the automotive thing, Smilin’ Dave’s Quality Pre-Owned Creampuffs has an awesome ride for sale!!

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