Who Could Have Guessed:
Gun, Ammo Sales Skyrocket in Wake of Obama Reelection?

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Gun, Ammo Sales Skyrocket in Wake of Obama Reelection?

Here’s a post that explains it.

The AT&T Android app AT&T Smart Wi-Fi on the Samsung Galaxy Note II disables Wi-Fi while purporting to connect to ‘free’ AT&T Wi-Fi hot spots. It doesn’t connect to ‘free’ spots. Instead, it redirects to billable ‘on-air’ spots. Actually, the AT&T Smart Wi-Fi app disconnects your legitimate Wi-Fi connection and reverts to AT&T or roaming […]

… my father’s brother was always unctuous. Inspired somehow by AlanDP’s “So awesomely bad I must share” post.  

The Most Incredible Pistol Shot in History?

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Many extraordinary encounters took place in the skies of World War II but none more bizarre than this. The Tenth Air Force in India was, 5 throughout most of its life, the smallest of the AAF’s combat air forces but with a large geographical area of responsibility and an important mission. It was responsible for […]

Black Friday at GameStop

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Early Black Friday Report: Midnight Sale at GameStop Shopper: “It was so civilized.” “They asked people in line for the midnight opening what they were shopping for and had their orders ready at the checkout counters when the doors opened.” Good business practices are good for business, and their customers.  

More New Stuff!

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New Products For November at SW812012 $684.99 LP115007 $1,097.99 LP115003 $1,006.99 CMMG23A6F44 $936.99 8464 $583.99 66962 $643.99 035255226 $790.99 0118033004 $1,318.99 BFM13609 $5,554.99 6902 $357.99 0118023003 $1,329.99 TIM670 $240.99 11103-RUG $372.99 PG-23502-01 $617.90 TIM1100 $112.99 PG-19502-01 $617.90 50029 $24.99 84273 $933.99

Got Ammo?

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Ammo by Caliber 10 Ga 10 mm 12 Ga 16 Ga 17 HMR 17 Hornady Mach2 17 Hornet 17 Rem Fireball 20 Ga 204 Ruger 218 Bee 22 Hornet 22 Long 22 Long Blank 22 LR 22 Short 22 Short Blank 22 TCM 22 WMR 22 WRF 22-250 Rem 220 Swift 221 Fireball 222 Rem […]

Temperature Dropped Some, eh?

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From 63 degrees and sunny to 8 degrees with freezing fog. See Google Earth location: 53.0701593244, -116.792034411 View Larger Map Today’s News from Edson, AB, Canada’s Weekly Anchor: Rob Merrifield announces destruction of long-gun registry records On Oct. 31, Hon. Rob Merrifield, M.P. for Yellowhead, announced that the long-gun registry, with the exception of registry […]

So why does the product have two DVD installation disks, uses only one to install, and still requires 25+ Gb of downloaded files? What is on the product DVDs? Just shortcut to Steam? Looks like it. Join Traction Control in some online shoot ’em up action in Call Of Duty: Black Ops II. Find texasffl […]

New Products For November TIM690S $308.99 MFTRFGSDE $29.99 MFTEPG47SDE $18.99 MFTEPG16SDE $18.99 MFTE2BSASDE $22.99 MFTBUSSDE $94.99 MFTBULSSDE $94.99 MFTBULSMILSDE $94.99 TIM668S $202.99 TIM101 $53.99 19639 $807.99 TIM661-S $260.99 MPIMAG404FOL $62.99 BFM12604 $5,554.99 SFV91 $12.99 CCM1401 $68.99 SFX400 $438.99 SW812011 $918.99

Of course if you consider I upgraded from a basic non-smart Motorola Razr phone, I find the new Samsung Galaxy Note II to be at least seven levels of awesome in improvement. I put on my new Skullcandy RocNation Aviator headphones, clicked the Google microphone button and spoke the first thing that came to mind […]

Gun store’s sales increase over 400 percent after President Obama re-elected | Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal These stories pop up every time some anti-gun politician scores a big victory. What I wonder is why, instead of rushing off the the gun store (although that’s perfectly fine) these good citizens who are so worried about […]

An Odd Story of Anti-Virus Pioneer John McAfee

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At The Other McCain …  

Firearms Sales Following the Election

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Buyers ordered 10% of available firearm and ammunition stock on hand in just one day following the Election. $5,471,760 in total sales were made on November 7, 2012 from a starting inventory valued at $53,624,215. 8% of ammunition, 3% of handguns and 15% of long gun units were sold during the day, for a total […]

Slo-Mo 12 Lb Napoleonic Canon vs Saturn

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Nice Shootin’ h/t IMAO

Billll of Billll’s Idle Mind scored a 10 with a Ruger Mk 1 at 25 ft to become the undisputed ePostal pistol champion for October! Nice shooting Billll! Another entry from Billll was shot with a Remington Nylon 66 with a scope at 20 yds scored 5 / 15. True Blue Sam scored • 9 […]


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