For only $40k difference in price, should I buy a Cessna Model 414 Ram for $200k instead of $160k  for a Cessna 310R? The harrowing reality is that “rich people” face tough decisions like this everyday and are forced to make difficult choices in times of economic uncertainty. Really rich people wouldn’t even consider buying […]

I travel. A lot. And sometimes, I backtrack to places I have been to earlier in my life. These places provide interesting before and after snapshots for the ‘camera’ of my memory. Rock Hill, South Carolina – the home of my great grandparents, is where I find myself today. Since the last time I was […]

Sneaky: Munich Starts Oktober in September

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Oktoberfest Begins in Munich Beer and Boobs! What’s not to like?  

A milestone of sorts. I just added item number 26,000 to the catalog. There are lots of goodies available, including: Quantity Models MSRP Value Ammunition 807,823 1,020 $16,141,947 Handguns 31,623 1,274 $17,665,671 Long Guns 26,977 1,978 $17,250,884   I also have clothing, binoculars, scopes, mounts, grips, stocks, electronics, knives, tools, and more! Click over […]

As Embassey’s Around the World Burn – Other Important World News:

Kate Middleton’s Boobs

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Kate Middleton’s Boobs

Are fabulous. h/t Pat Dollard

Click for Hugeness from Dillon Aero.  

Arrived into the home airport slightly behind schedule, but all is good. I met some more interesting folks at GBR VII and look forward to the next GBR meet-up! I’m looking for who to credit for donating the Sig-Sauer Adaptive Carbine Platform (ACP-Enhanced) that I won in the Saturday raffle. It’s very cool. I installed […], where I have personally purchased several interesting weapons sponsored our GBR VII breakfast.  Yummy! We met up at the range for some always challenging Steel Challenge shooting.  The fastest time I saw was posted by Derrick – The Packing Rat – with a total time of 2.24 seconds for five targets.  Amazing! Tonight is […]

Hugely fun day the range. I even hit the 300 yard steel target with my 1911! More magazine weirdness, though. This time from Triple K. Manufacturer: Triple K 974M Item: Triple K Colt 1911 Magazine .45 ACP 7 Rounds Stainless UPC: 730745009746 It may be hard to see, but the yellow arrows point to bulges in […]

GBR VII: Day Two

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Thanks to the NRA and Staphanie Samford for breakfast, we’re off to the range for some shooty goodness.  

A new addition to the GBR participants is none other than Bill Quick from Daily Pundit – the first blog I read some seven (?) years ago. Welcome to GBR VII! We’re looking forward to a great day at the range tomorrow. Our afternoon stock-up run to Cabela’s provided an unexpected finding: Kimber Magazines do […]

GBR VII: And So It Begins …

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VII Arrived in Reno last night.  Here we go!

Reno  – September 5-9, 2012 I’m in!  


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