When I was growing up in South Dakota, fireworks were everywhere … Not so much today. It’s up to us to teach our children well.  

Sometimes You Ride to the Event …

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… and sometimes, the Event Rides to You. The Laughlin River Run is heating up. In Kingman, AZ, 32 miles away, I am seeing the influx of bikes from all around. The Laughlin River Run is hailed as the largest motorcycle event on the west coast. Come see Historic US Route 66 the way it was […]

[Click pic for AVI video clip. 36.5 mb] Saiga-12 with 20 round drum magazine at the Dallas Blogshoot, April 21, 2012.  

Gallery includes three ‘Bonus pics’ from Tuesday’s Range trip! Good times.

Almost too much fun! More later … unpacking the War Wagon.

  The “X” at the right of each map marks the approximate location of the Sooper Sekrit Shootin’ Spot. Looks like we dodged most of the heavy rains just before noon today.  The forecast for Saturday is Sunny, but there will be mud. Vehicle with high ground clearance will work best there. The plan is […]

Download the Dallas Blogshoot catalog here! Dallas Blogshoot update and details here.

Details at the Gun Blogger Rendezvous site. Sign up and join the fun with us at GBR-VII.


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I just ordered 1,000 ORM-D labels from ULINE.com who for some reason sent me a shipping supplies catalog. I hope to run out of these soon and place a larger order next time. ORM-D labels are required for shipping things like ammunition and nail polish remover, and I’m all out of nail polish remover.

Feel Like Shooting Something?

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April’s ePostal Match is on at JimmyB’s place. Download targets, shoot and email your scores to enter! Details at JimmyB’s, The Conservative UAW Guy.

NRA Convention Starts Tomorrow in St Louis!

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Here’s the info.

Quote from the owner: “Ever seen the movie Con Air with Nicholas Cage? This is one of the two Corvettes used in that movie. Obviously, this is the one that wasn’t dropped out of the airplane.”  

Sodium Cyanide, 1000 kg  

  Seen Sunday night in the Las Vegas Airport (inside security). Heh.

Travel Observation: Arizona

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When you leave a bag of Crunchy Cheetos open in Arizona, they don’t get soggy, they get even crunchier.  


Texas Fred called to check on us in the DFW Metroplex. At the time I did not know that a tornado actually touched down and destroyed the niece’s former house; uprooted a tree at her current house. One student at Martin High School of Arlington received a text message the his (or her) grandmother had […]


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