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The decimal result of one divided by 998,001  equals all three digit combinations of integers from 000 through 999, except for 998. So there.  

New Fast & Furious Website

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Congressman Issa announces new Fast & Furious Website    

Your 5 most wanted With this: … my frugalness (read – broke ass) generally prevents me from spending money on things that would be more akin to toys than real gear. But what if it didn’t? What 5 firearms would I purchase, should price nor practicality be an issue? Here’s mine: M1 Garand (Winchester), 30-06 […]

Fast & Furious: Legal Quagmire?

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In recent testimony, a Government witness invoked the Fifth Amendment in questions about Operation Fast and Furious. Quagmire: If the Fifth Amendment was written to protect Citizens from the Government, how can the Fifth Amendment be invoked by a Government body to protect the Government from its Citizens? My Take: Only the Citizenry, not the […]

Gun Pr0n: “Crew Served Style” 1919-A4

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Here: http://justbarkingmad.com/?p=10466 Hat Tip Cowboy Blob  

Aurora over Yellowknife as CME* Hurtles Toward Earth

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This fisheye view of the auroral display above Yellowknife in Canada’s Northwest Territories was captured by the Canadian Space Agency’s AuroraMAX project early Saturday.   * CME = coronal mass ejection

I figure that’s good to about 1,700 yards or so.  


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