VIETNAM ERA TRACKED AMPHIBIOUS VEHICLE  KID 8X8 – 8 WHEEL DRIVE! WITH ALUMA- LITE WEIGHT TRAILER INCLUDED ****$3000 VALUE ! 2 SETS OF TRACKS, STEEL – POLYVINYL INCLUDED. On eBay Motors Oh boy, the fun we had with these in the early ’70’s.  We would visit the Kinetics International Division plant in Tyler, Texas and race […]

Size Matters.

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Various calibers: 9mm through 50 BMG fired at a 60 liter barrel of water for comparison. From Parkway Rest Stop, Via Catfish, linked by BLACKFIVE, h/t Curmudgeonly & Skeptical, by

Millisecond Molly in the News

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Millisecond Molly appears on Women’s Outdoor News. Millisecond Molly is of course, “the little girl” who beat all the “big ol’ burly” Gunbloggers at the Gunblogger Rendezvous the last two years running! Ammoland writes that, “The Women’s Outdoor News (The WON) recently added Smith & Wesson teen shooter Molly Smith to its ranks of women […]

Range Day at the Sooper Sekrit Shootin’ Spot

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Good Times. Not all are pictured, but we brought out a full auto and suppressed Mini-Uzi, a Siaga-12, a Kriss Vector SBR, a Remington 597, a Smith & Wesson 22A, an AMT Backup, a Kimber Pro-Carry II, and two Browning Hi-Powers with more than enough ammunition to last the day. At the target shooting contest, […]

18,000 fps Tank Pr0n vids

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h/t The Blaze Amazing super slow-motion shots of Russian T-90 tank blast.

Jon Stewart Explains Fast and Furious

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Gunwalker Operation an International joke and a National disgrace.

Ninja Glock

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On Fox News, Rick Perry Talks Border Politics. [Click picture for larger size] Close-up Watch the latest video at America, please welcome the next President of the United States. With a Texas tip of the sombrero to LaRue Tactical and to HF for the tip. More Breaking News from Instapundit: Gingrich staff quits: Is […]

Marlin’s Model XT-22RZ .22LR Rifle comes with a Black Synthetic Stock, Adjustable Ramp Sights, and a 22″ Threaded Barrel. Priced at under $200.

Your Family’s Slice of Government Promises…$534,000…and Growing (Link to Say Anything) Not to worry, though because if monetary inflation grows at 39% per year,  That $534,000 will only cost us $3,809.25 10 years from now. Meanwhile, a $4 loaf of bread will cost $107.70 at these (2005-2010) rates. Ammunition may be a wise investment today. […]



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