Link to Video (2,962k) (wmv) 3 rounds through the same hole, before felt recoil.  That’s some mighty fast shootin, Lou. Update:  It looks like this was “new” in 2007.  I don’t know how I missed it until now!

Where in the World? Denver

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Things to do in Denver? Reviews from Jessica Rubino – a Colorado-based freelance writer who covers lifestyle and wellness.        Rockbar        Because Denver’s East Colfax has undergone a makeover reminiscent of West Hollywood and the Bowery, it’s not surprising that trendy bars popped up as fast as Brangelina spawns. But owners aren’t sacrificing old for new. […]

From MetaFilter:  Lea F. McCarty painted portaits of Old West killers. In 1959 he collected twenty of his paintings, each paired with an essay, in a book called The Gunfighters. From the Foreword to the book: “I’ve often heard tell that the gunfighter has his beginning when pistol types were changed from those old flintlocks to […]

Check Out the Awesome Ride For Sale at Smilin’ Dave’s!

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Continuing with the automotive thing, Smilin’ Dave’s Quality Pre-Owned Creampuffs has an awesome ride for sale!!

New Logo for the .com Site

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New logo for the Dot-Com site will also appear on the ‘frumpy no more‘ car graphics!

New Arrival!

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Quantity one (1) M107.

Bore Patch has the 1942 War Department Training films … worth a watch here. Hours of stuff. Good instruction. Ah yes, the War Department (not the Department of Defense) … from the pre-politically correct era that our fathers called America. I welcome Bore Patch to Traction Control‘s Gunnies Blogroll.

Here: Our friend, “The Great One” Mr. Mark Levine has provided a home for a Gunbloggers Group at his Unofficial Fan Thingy. Give it a visit now and go tell a friend!


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