To celebrate winning the 2009 Handgun of the Year Award, Springfield Armory® has been allowed the honor of stamping each XD(M)™ slide with the NRA American Rifleman Golden Bullseye Award mark. For more information about the XD(M), visit h/t Peggy H. (Springfield Sales)

Rule 4 Violation: Big Bore Edition

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Shell shock for Russian village A Russian warship has mistakenly shelled a village near the northern city of St Petersburg, officials say.

Psssst! Hey, Still Wanna Win One of These?

I gained 38 Pounds in one Day!

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In ammo. 1250 rounds of .30 Carbine, 110 Gr. Soft Point from Able Ammo, lovingly packed by “117” from Huntsville, TX.

CMMG .308 Lowers

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How long will these last? Model 308 (DPMS) Semi-automatic stripped lower receivers for $359.99 259 on hand on May 27.

Look for “TexasFFL” Update:  Og makes the new total eleven!! doubleplusundead makes it twelve!!

JR has “A Keyboard and a .45” … so how’s about a Keyboard and a .308? GunPr0n – Heckler & Koch Mod. 51 [click to embiggen]

It’s Summer Glau! Traction Control would like to extend an all-expense paid invitation to Summer Glau, from the Sara Conner Chronicles to the Gunblogger Rendezvous, Summer, have your people call my people. We’ll see what we can work out. My email: Subj: Request for Summer Glau at charity event Amanda Glazer, Paul Kohner Agency 9300 Wilshire […]

After searching high and low in the interwebs for a M9 x 0.75 thread protector for the Sig P226 .22LR Conversion, I stopped searching and made my own: Ingredients: One ball point pen cap. Tools: Knife Instructions: Cut to fit, then use Bic lighter to smooth cutting marks. Done!

Golfing with Jim Gilmore

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We shared about 6 hours of conversation on Sunday and I am not going to reveal a single word of it. See Playing Hooky in Phoenix

  My golfing buddy for the day, and new friend was a gentleman whom it was my great pleasure to meet before Saturday’s NRA Freedom Experience Banquet.  It was none other than James S. (Jim) Gilmore, III who convinced me to play hooky from the Convention on Sunday and enjoy a round of golf with him at The […]

This is the view from inside the NRA Freedom Experience Banquet – the largest single dinner ever held in the State of Arizona! Speakers were ABC’s John Stossel and Col. Oliver North. Just prior to the Banquet, I met a very interesting individual who convinced me to ‘play hooky’ on Sunday, the last day of […]

Gunbloggers in the News: Christian Science Monitor

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A rifle in one hand, a laptop in the other. Behind the scene with pro-gun bloggers “Cowboy Blob” and other online commentators fill the press box at the National Rifle Association convention. By Patrik Jonsson  |  Staff writer/ May 16, 2009 edition Read the story arising from our interview last night.

The Exhibits: Browning

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Browning ( the namesake of John Moses Browning (pbuh).

The Exhibits: Colt

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Colt ( exhibit.  Curiously, much like HK, Colt displayed many more models the their exhibit than they offer through regular distributor channels.

The Exhibits: Glock

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Glock ( exhibit – site of yestersday’s R. Lee Ermey autograph signings.

The Exhibits: Kimber

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Kimber ( exhibit.  Classic 1911 Pistols.

Bushmaster ( had an impressive exhibit.   Note the last picture is the 50 caliber Bolt Action rifle.  Most pictures you will see show this rifle from the right-hand side.  At first glance you might think this was a very reasonably priced semi-auto.  Sneaky, huh?

The Exhibits: Beretta

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Beretta‘s exhibit: Classy. (

The Exhibits: FN

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FN’s ( very ‘down-to-business’ exhibit.

The Exhibits: Benelli

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Benelli ( showcased its shotguns in groups of small kiosk-like displays.  Videos of Benelli shooter Tom Knapp showed the performance potential of the Benelli Autoloaders.

The Exhibits: HK

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HK / Heckler & Koch ( featured it’s pistols and several of their “more interesting” products like MP5 in several configurations – short-barreled rifle,  suppressed, and pistol. Traction Control lists 221 HK pistols and long guns in 13 models at the Commercial Site.

The Exhibits: Barrett Firearms

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Barrett Firearms ( hosted a display which included its rifles and several monitors showing video of their products in use in the field. The Barrett Representative told me they were operating their plant around the clock to keep up with demand.  My distributor reported earlier this year that more than 100 M82A1’s were on backorder.  What […]

The Exhibits: Patriot Ordnance Factory

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The Patriot Ordnance Factory ( exhibit featured light-bars framing their display area.  Inside was a POF-themed off-road vehicle and communications diaz.  While this picture was being taken, a live radio talk show was being hosted.  Very buzz-worthy.

The Exhibits: Smith & Wesson

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Smith & Wesson ( display dominated the main entrance to the exhibit hall and featured separate sections for M&P (Military & Police), rifles and pistols.

Seems almost natural … as it should be.  Phoenix during the NRA Convention has one of the most polite societies on the planet.

And …

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Josh – Southpark Pundit (and Ballistic Deanimation) from San Diego! Josh’s site that is the (*cough*) inspration for the Traction Control Blog Header – yes I originally stole his header until I could take my own picture to replace it. BTW, that’s Kevin in the background. Busy Day.

And …

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I met Breda (who is, too.)

I met The Pretty Pistolera (who is).

And …

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I met Cowboy Blob!!

Todd Jarrett

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(From the Para-Ordnance Site) Todd Jarrett has been a dominant force in practical shooting in the United States for the past decade. This soft spoken southern gentleman makes legends quiver in their holsters when he approaches the shooting line. Then as he burns down the field course shooting “A”s faster than they can imagine with […]

Hero: Sammy L. Davis, Medal of Honor Recipient

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Sammy L. Davis meets R. Lee Ermey. Sammy L. Davis (born November 1, 1946) is an American soldier and a recipient of the Medal of Honor, for valorous conduct while serving in the United States Army during the Vietnam War. In November 1967, his unit was west of Cai Lay when they fell under heavy […]

Several specimens of the extremely rare and elusive 9mm, .380 Auto and .45 caliber pistol rounds were spotted today at the NRA Convention!  Understandably, given the extreme rarity and value of these highly sought-after specimans, these were observed in heavily guarded glass cases. The .380 Auto is an exceptionally rare find.  The lone box pictured […]

Smith & Wesson Poster

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(click picture for huge-ifferic version). Famous for over five decades of making punks question how lucky they feel.

Wayne LaPierre

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Wayne LaPierre meets Traction Control’s USCitizen, and says, “Stay with us, we’ve got a big fight on our hands.“

Unveiled in the NRA Exhibit Hall at 10:00 AM today, it’s the SR-556. Ruger enters the market with a piston-driven AR, 5 years in development. (click for largissimo size) The Ruger SR-556 features: 6-Position Telescoping m4-Style Buttstock housing a Mil-Spec buffer and spring Hogue Monogrip Pistol Grip Chrome-Plated Bolt, Bolt Carrier and Extractor Troy Industries Folding […]

The Gunny: R. Lee Ermey

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Gunny R. Lee Ermey at the Team Glock exhibit. The line for autographs had about 75 people in it. When watching the Gunny interact with people it was clear that HE LOVES THIS STUFF! OOH-RAH! (click to embiggerize picture)

Arrived!  Too late to register but I did get a chance to meet the NRA at the stadium. Sebastian, Bitter, Third Power, Pennsylvania Shooters, Handgun Podcast and lots of others were there for the NRA/ILA welcome happy hour. Good Friends, Good times. Stay tuned for a barrage in picture and stories to follow.

To Phoenix …

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