The Buy it Now button has been activated. This may be one of the best factory-warrantied full-auto American-made rifles in existence. The Ruger AC-556. This one comes with the Arthur A. Ciener .22 LR adapter kit for hours of low-cost gunny goodness. Follow-up to my previous AC-556 Bleg : I’ll buy them ALL if they […]

Gun Pr0n: Ruger AC-556 Wanted

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My highest bid on was more than I actually wanted to pay – but it was still less than the seller’s reserve price. Result? No AC-556 for me. Does anyone know where I might acquire one of these for around $6,000?

We’ll meet at the Sooper Sekrit Texaco (I-45 at Beltline Road – in Wilmer, South of Dallas) at 11:00 AM on Friday, January 2 and caravan to the range from there! JR from A Keyboard and a .45 is planning to show off his new Mosin Nagant.  I plan on bringing my new ‘Cowboy-Up’ guns: […]

In Pictures!   … and in Movies! Temperature – a record 83 degrees F and windy. A great day out at the range with some new shooters for Traction Control. Warning: Rediculously large files are linked to the thumbnail pictures.

Classic Alice Cooper tunage here .

Weapons, ammo, pants seized at Burress’ NJ home

Night Vision Info Bleg

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SPI makes some solid claims for night vision products and weapons mounts . (<-Link) Does anyone amongst my vast readership know of other or better products for long-range, low light applications?

Oklahoma Leather Double Loop

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Holster and Cartridge Belt for 45 Long Colt from Cabellas . Under $82 with in-store pickup.  What a deal!


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Arrived home a couple of hours ago.  What an ordeal: 4 days from point A to B. A quick note of thanks to Gunbloggers – there were invitations to meet-up at each of my destinations (Seattle and Phoenix).  How cool is that? Anyway, it’s good to be back home!

This was the scene at 11:25 AM inside the Edmonton airport.  Just one of seemingly dozens of lines to stand in!  CTV crews were filming the ticket counters and interviewing air-travel refugees trying to get from here to elsewhere. Cancellations primarily on the West Coast were the cause of backups throughout the system. So far, my […]

Holiday Travel – Updated

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Little progress to report.  I made it to Edmonton last night, but the Edmonton-to-Seattle flight was canceled. Air Canada would not book me on the last flight out to Las Vegas – so it was overnight in Edmonton. West Jet has a flight to Phoenix Monday afternoon, but it arrives after the DFW connection is […]

A Cool Fact in Cold Weather

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A cool fact about extremely cold weather:  If the air is still enough, you can make smoke rings without smoking!

Rather than board the plane and make one connection to Dallas this afternoon, the airlines had other plans for me.  The gate agent said, "Your flight is canceled" and handed me a phone number to call. The new plan is this: Fly to Edmonton tomorrow; transfer to Seattle; connect through San Francisco; then depart for […]

Right Now: -33 Degrees C

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Traction Control, reporting from Mordor.  It’s cold here. The kind of cold where the snow doesn’t crunch, but squeaks with a sound like twisting a balloon when you walk or drive on it.  That sound is made by the breaking of ice bonds within the snow under the weight of footsteps or tires. I stepped outside […]

Because Sometimes a Hug Isn’t Enough

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– Thanks Jess!

It’s truly amazing how easily problems can be solved by throwing cash at them. In an earlier post (Gun Pr0n: Cowboy Up! ) I listed three firearms in the Cowboy category. Two learned readers and commentators pointed out an error in my listing: Cowboy Action Shooting requires not just a “lever gun”, but a pistol […]

This spot on the globe is one seriously deadly place.  WORDS OF WARNING: Enter at your own risk. … and they tell me, “It’s not really cold, yet.” On the bright side, -27C is only -17F, so that’s a plus until you consider the wind chill factor. – Traction Control – posting from “Mordor“, Northern […]

I snoozed; I losed. I was really looking forward to buying a couple this weekend, but the shotguns I posted about last week are gone (although there are some 20 Ga. models still in stock – here ). What’s a cowboy to do? As I understand the rules. a Cowboy Action shoot requires a six-shooter, […]


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