Things the Barrett Optical Range System (B.O.R.S.) told me: Cartridge: M-33 Ball Temperature: 85 degrees Barometric Pressure: 31.1 inches of Mercury Target Range: 444 Yards Roll Sensor (Left – Right): Level Pitch sensor (angle of barrel): Internally compensated. . . . My response: BOOM ! Sending 661-grain match grade projectiles downrange with authority: The .50 […]

NY Gun Database Ineffective?

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article here . N.Y. gun database has yet to lead to prosecutions Questions remain about the 7-year-old program’s effectiveness Lack of results criticized Questions about ballistics imaging Synopsis:  It’s a failure. Throw even MORE taxpayer money at it.

Range Day Tommorrow!

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The U.E.B.R. (Ultimate Evil Black Rifle ) needs to be sighted in and the B.O.R.S. system needs to initialized and programmed. With GBR-III only a couple weeks away, it’s Range Day for Traction Control. Drop me a note if you want to head out to the Sooper Sekrit Shootin’ Spot. 11:00 AM is the most […]

It’s here!  The BBTOJ arrived with a package from Para USA. Special thanks to Para and Crimson Trace for their support of the Gun Blogging community! Note: For all the Gun Blog Pistols see updates here .

Para USA to donate a pistol to Gun Blogger Rendezvous III

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Mr. Completely has the announcement that Para USA is donating a handgun to Gunblogger Rendezvous III . No word on make or model, but our thanks go out to Para USA for their positive outreach to the Gun Blog / Internet community. Recall, just last month, Para USA hosted a training event with eleven Gun […]

via Oleg Volk writes in Going to Court : In December 2002, I founded The High Road forum dedicated to the advancement of responsible gun ownership. Recently, it was discovered that in 2006, the volunteer forum systems administrator, Derek Zeanah of Statesboro, Georgia, changed domain registration to himself. After he was confronted, Derek locked […]

No BBTOJ for me today. A Haiku: Big brown truck of joy lumbered down the street, alas passed on by, not stopping,

Well just looky what the BBTOJ delivered. Why, it’s a thing of beauty!! Update : The Maddened Fowl gets TWO! Dave Hardy ( Of Arms & The Law ) gets his – and includes a great writeup. Joe’s Gun Blog 45 has arrived and he’s got targets. It seems to really like Winchester Ranger 230 […]

Gunblogger Rendezvous: Oct 9-11

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With a little less than three weeks remaining, here are the details for the Third Annual Gun Blogger Rendezvous: When: October 9 through 11 Where: Circus-Circus Hotel , Reno, NV Sponsors and Attendees: Front Sight , Hi Cap Gun Works (1-866-768-5004), Crimson Trace , Brownells , and of course, our friends from the NRA , […]


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Details to follow …

Pro-Gun BBC?

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A remarkably favorable piece is Annie, get your gun , wherein women describe the renewal of interest in shooting sports and firearms training since the selection of Sarah Palin as the GOP Vice Presidential pick. (Lorra Moore) … "hoped that the Alaska governor’s prominence would encourage more females to take up the sport." "I think […]


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We Remember .

~Click Image for Video~ And some thoughts about The Little Ones- h/t An Ol’ Broad’s Ramblings Littlest victims largely overlooked Too young to comprehend evil, the Pokemon fan, the Tweety Bird lover, and the toddler who believed Mickey Mouse is real were assassinated by terrorists on Sept. 11. Three months later, the story of the […]

NRA: Fact Sheet of Obama Votes

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Get yours here !

I so wanted to use the word "flawless " in this review. You see, I purchased three 30 round magazines for my Remington® Model 597 about a month ago.  These were made by another manufacturer (name withheld – it’s not one that I carry in inventory). The ‘other’ brand consistently failed to feed – usually […]

Sooper Sekrit Shootin’ Spot meet-up tomorrow!

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Sooper Sekrit Shootin’ Spot meet-up tomorrow! Around 11:00 AM. Lemme know if ya wanna go! New shooters welcome! Benelli’s, Mossbergs and Remingtons. oh my!

Sooo, has any of the 10 participants in the Para weekend training with Todd Jarrett opted NOT to buy their special edition Gun Blog pistol?  I sure would like to get one!

This just in! Crimson Trace to Sponsor GBR-III . Time is running short, so be sure to get your registration and your room reservations in ASAP! We need to know who’s going to be there so we can plan accordingly…………….. Reno, Nevada October 9th., 10th., 11th., 12th. 2008 at the Circus Circus Hotel. Go here […]

US hands Anbar to Iraqi Forces – This Smells like Victory!

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Guardian Story here Good News! and God Bless our boots on the ground! Great Job!


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