Video from Gun PrOn alert! Gun Pr0n alert! . Range 100 feet. Full Taser effect. TASER. Protect Life. … and you can back it up with 3 rounds of 000 Buckshot and a slug if that doesn’t do the job. Seems like a winner.

The Sunday Smith is up at Tam’s

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And she’s a beaut: The Model PC-13 1995

HARARE, ZIMBABWE — Zimbabweans will be soon lining their pockets with $10 million bills. The central bank announced Thursday it would increase the denomination of the nation’s highest bank note more than tenfold to keep pace with the world’s highest inflation rate, officially estimated at 25,000 percent annually. Independent financial institutions say real inflation is […]

Thanks to Uncle and Snowflakes

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A double-lanche of visits from Say Uncle and Snowflakes in Hell. Thanks!

SeeDubya posts a Knob Creek Video!

It’s really not a chore when it’s interesting … making more shiny bores and well-oiled actions at Traction Control manor. On the table: M1919A4, S&W Model 539, Bowning Hi-Power, AMT Backup, Micro Uzi and Mini Uzi. Click to embiggify.

Shiney Bores and Well-Oiled Actions

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Lately it seems I have been depriving myself of the enjoyment of some necessary firearm maintenance. I don’t know why I put it off so long, but today was the day for pin, spring, bolt, bar, guide, barrel, slide and lever maintenance. What a joy. The variety of designs and mechanical devices that make up […]

JR from A Keyboard and a .45 and I met up with a few others and trekked to the Sooper Sekrit River spot for some cordite enhanced recreation. The cold weather did not descend on the area as the weather channels were predicting, and instead we were treated to a beautiful afternoon of shooty goodness. […]


"Anyone who still wants guns, rifles or ammo should go to Traction Control/Well-Regulated Militia: Still pre-panic prices and a huge inventory and good reliable service. Tell everyone you know"

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