People of the Gun

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People of the Gun is updated – with pix! Send those pics to: tribe -at- peopleofthegun -dot- com Update: New Blogroll Category – People of the Gun – I’ll update blogroll as Jeff adds more!

People of the Gun

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Jeff from Alphecca says “Uh-oh!” Update: In the comments, an outstanding idea by Bruce to invite you all to email photos of yourselves (with a gun, of course). Bruce had this idea: “Jeff, post a request for pics of tribe members wearing or carrying their weapons of mass destruction. Then fill the page with ‘em.” […]


GBR-II is only 18 days away!

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GUN BLOGGER RENDEZVOUS INFORMATION AND WEBSITE October 11th., 12th., 13th., and 14th. in Reno, NV.

Just One Week Ago Today …

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I was surrounded by an amazing group of friends hosted by Ace from Ace of Spades HQ. We must have got along OK since I haven’t seen any feces slinging monkey posts or awkward photo’s posted … whew. You never can tell how these things might turn out. Next event – open to all – […]

From Charming, Just Charming we have this: I gotta get me a new pellet gun..all this sumbitch does is make them run… Here a recommendation and some Gun Pr0n for GUYK: It’s the RWS Diana. Product Description A totally recoilless, spring piston airgun seemed little more than a dream before the recent appearance of the […]

Bose Suspension

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Bose Suspension Electromagnetic Suspension may revolutionize automotive design. Innovations 25 years in the making show potential for superior ride and handling using electronics in place of hydraulic shock absorbing systems on automobiles. It’s just too cool. Electrons. Is there anything they can’t do?

Hi-Point Donates Pistol To GBR-II

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Hi-Point Donates Pistol To GBR (Article from the Gunblogger Rendezvous site): Charlie Brown, head of MKS Supply and Hi-Point Firearms, has generously donated a Hi-Point pistol to be raffled off at the Gun Blogger Rendezvous in order to raise money for Project Valour-IT. The Hi-Points are American made, and have a lifetime guarantee. I have […]

Why Terrorists Can Never Win

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From Boston’s Logan airport … I thought I had a shot at an earlier flight but arrived at the gate just as boarding was completed. Again, those pesky Time Zones …. It was nice to meet some other inter-tubians last night: Ace, Spongeworthy, Dave in Texas, S.Weasel, Slublog, Christopher, someone2, Tom, lauraw, Hutch, Rocketeer, Farmer […]

DALLAS — An 81-year-old man accidentally dropped a handgun during Rosh Hashanah services at a temple, and the weapon shot his daughter in the foot and injured two other people. Full story here. Be safe out there, people and note: places of worship – like hospitals, amusement parks, racetracks and courts are not authorized concealed […]

From Boing Boing: Discovery paves way for gamma-ray annihilation lasers! Bonus: Dr Cassidy believes that increasing the density of the positronium in the silicon would create an exotic state of matter known as a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC). Bose and Einstein? Maybe it will sound really good, but I can’t quite understand why. Should I consider […]

More tributes at these sites: An Ol’ Broads Ramblings Blah Blah Blog Lord Nazh’s Daily Ramble But That’s Just My Opinion 123beta American and Proud American Truckers at War Reject the U.N. TexasFred’s Diamond in the Rough Long Live the Republic Lubbock Marine Parents Basti Say’s For Serenity’s Sake Political Vindication Blue Star Chronicles Rantings, […]

Stray Rounds Update

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Good News. The 200 stray rounds reported from the National Exercise Your Rights (Buy Ammo) Day buy have evidently returned from their brief foray into California. The package is now shown as “Out for Delivery” by the shipper! Update to the Update: Status – Delivered With comment, “Left on porch. Signature Service not requested.” God […]

From Ride Fast! Where does he find all this stuff? The Internets? Is there anything they can’t they do! Click & Play (Work Safe music) The Gunblogger Rendezvous is scheduled for the 2nd weekend in October. See details at Mr. C‘s. I have several invitations outstanding, so, “Heads up, Ladies! Time’s running short, it’s time […]

Stray Rounds

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Ammo day ammo arrived (mostly) with amazing speed – Ordered Tuesday, delivered Thursday. That was the case for 1,800 of the 2.000 rounds anyway. The other 200? Well, it seems there are some stray rounds to report. We have all heard stories about the danger posed by stray rounds, so here’s a heads up. Tracking […]


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