Travel Blogging: The $830.80 Chicken Dinner

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What a bargain! The Mesa Verde restaurant at the Denver airport served a grilled chicken dinner that was very enjoyable. The only problem was the price. You see I flew from Houston with a stop in Denver on my way to Nebraska. With an hour an a half between flights, myself and two associates decided […]

I’m off to Houston tonight; then to Denver, Colorado and Kearney, Nebraska tomorrow. Then I’m back to Houston late on Tuesday; and there ’til the end of the week From the Welcome to Kearney site: Kearney is the most dynamic smaller city in Nebraska – quite possibly the Midwest – and it affords amenities usually […]

Firearms Links – Expanded

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The scroll-y window didn’t do justice to the A to Z Firearms Links section at the bottom of the Sidebar. So it’s now expanded. Send me a note if there are worthy links I’ve missed. Tags: Guns, Pr0n, Gun Stuff

Happy Thanksgiving 2006

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From Traction Control, with special thanks to our men and women in the armed forces. Stay safe.

I am fond of saying that, “If brute force does not work, then you are just not using enough of it.” This clip indicates that there may indeed be some practical limits. From the message I received: The recoil is shown twice in slo-motion. Try to follow the gun. This video is basically a “show […]

Ruger Mark I Pr0n

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For Ammo Day, the Ruger Mark I, freshly out of the smithy’s with a new disconnector, sear, matte black finish and a crown job. Sweet. The Ruger Mark 1 – purchased new in 1975 had some broken parts and some wear on the finish. It was just not right to have a non-functioning pistol on […]

Ammo Day!

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With thanks to Airborne Combat Engineer for the poster: It’s Buy Ammo Day! A hundred rounds or a hundred pounds; the choice is yours! See for details.

Veterans Day 2006

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God Bless all of you who have taken up arms in the name of Liberty. We all owe you the greatest gratitude and respect for your service to the country. Thank you, From Traction Control

Just because I like the looks of it. Tommy gun Pr0n with hat tip to The Thompson Collectors News. They have a lots of other great pictures and articles there.

Buy a Gun Day 2006 – Update

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April 15, 2006 Update Delivery day approaches! I’ve ordered the NobuckL sling – an authentic copy of the original 1 1/4″ Kerr sling known as the M3 or M1914. Khaki web construction with unmarked metal hardware. OAL 43″. for the Auto Ordnance Thompson M1SB / M1A1. If you don’t know about them, Numrich ( is […]

National Ammo Day 6

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At with a big Hat Tip to Marc at Ninth Stage for the reminder. It’s a BuyCott, not a boycott. Stock up. Hmm. Let’s see. Looks like I’ll need need some .177 Pellets, some .22 short, some .22 Long Rifle, some .223 Rem, some .30-06 Springfield, some .308 Win, some 9mm (.355) Luger, some […]


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