Airport Blogging

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Flight to Chicago is delayed for an hour due to weather. But so far, so good. No problems with security, no line, no waits. I even had time for dinner in the restaurant. This trip will be perhaps the first of four; other destinations are likely to include Baltimore, and perhaps the West Coast. Flying […]

The Carnival of Cordite is Up!

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Issue number 70 of the Carnival of Cordite is up at Resistance is Futile (on the blogroll).

Friday Gun Pr0n

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I sent one more entry for the August ePostal Contest to the Conservative UAW Guy who reminds us that this is the last weekend before targets are due in the ePostal Contest. Since my (t)rusty Mark I is in the shop, I put some rounds through a Ruger Mark III Target model today. Click for […]

New Resource in Sidebar: Firearms Links

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I’ve added a scrollable table to the bottom of the sidebar with 871 Firearms Links. Feel free to scroll, browse and shop. Please note that inks links provided are not (necessarily) endorsements. I will update these with your recommendations and other sites I find sites that fit the criteria. So if you see I’ve missed […]

Seven Part Series from Publicola

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Publicola (see Blogroll) has posted the seventh in a series of essays about guns covering handguns, rifles and now, shotguns. A very informative read. Part Seven: MultiTool has links to the previous six in the series.  Check it out.

August ePostal Match

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I just sent an early entry to JimmyB who is hosting this month’s match at The Conservative UAW Guy blogsite. Targets were easy, it was the shooting style that was tough. I won’t mention my scores here, but let’s just say I’m not sure how long they are going to hold up when the other […]

The Clash

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I got nothing to add except for, “Let’s Roll.”

Gunblogger Rendezvous

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Mr. Completely has the confirmations listed thus far for the first Gunblogger Rendezvous scheduled for October 6-8, 2006 in Reno, NV.

I urge those from Gun Blogs web-ring, the TLB Gunblogs Community and the all of the 101st Fighting Keyboardists to sign-up at Mr. C’s …

ePostal Pizza Results

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The results of July’s ePostal match are in at Ninth Stage. Guess who placed first! Woot! Thanks to Marc for hosting the July ePostal Match. The August Match will be held by JimmyB, The Conservative UAW Guy (check in with JimmyB for updates – the targets are now available for download). September’s ePostal Match will […]

Shots on Steel

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Every shooter knows the sound. The clang of a well-aimed shot on steel. The sound is the same, but it’s an entirely different experience when it’s not a bullet, but a golf ball you are firing downrange! At the 18th tee of a 372 yard par four I chose the MacGregor VIP Titanium driver and […]

The Carnival of Cordite is Up!

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Carnival of Cordite number 68 is up at Resistance is Futile. Go now! You’ll thank me when you see the first picture … Gullyborg’s site is now in the Blogroll, see sidebar under Gunnies.

In 1966 Hertz teamed up with the legendary Carroll Shelby to launch the Rent-A-Racer program. I recall the 1966 Hertz Shelby’s were black with gold stripes; had a GT350-H rocker panel stripe; Hertz plates behind the front wheel wells; and an italicized ‘H’ on the wheel centers. I remember thinking, “Oh, to have had the […]


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