Fighting Keyboardists

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Traction Control joins the 101st. Read the background at this link at Captain’s Quarters and check out the members on the blogroll (eyes right). Update 4/30/2006: Listed but not yet deployed … Awaiting instructions, Sir! Support Our Military

The Carnival of Cordite is Up!

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Carnival of Cordite number 56 is up at the Revolutionary War Veterans Association Weblog. Take a look. (H/T to Say Uncle.) Gun Stuff

The Carnival of Cordite is Up!

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Check out what’s new in the Carnival of Cordite Number 55.

Bumped 7 more shopping days remaining ’til April 15. It’s BAG (Buy A Gun) Day IV. Aaron’s ( concept has become a tradition. While his site seems to be experiencing technical difficulty major jihad, I’ll pass along that: New for 2006, he has set up a Frappr Map click to ‘place your pin on the […]

Bumped Mr. Completely is organizing the First Annual Gunblogger Rendezvous in Reno. This will be a great opportunity to meet and greet many of our daily reads in October. I plan to make a scouting run this weekend to check out the AO. At minimum, I can report back on shooting ranges, gun store & […]

All unedited comments – with names redacted, from Bill Frist’s VOLPAC site (as of 9:50 PM CDT) – accompanied by his original post: (Long and not complementary content advisory) This morning Democrat obstruction dealt a serious blow to America’s border security and to America’s national security. Several weeks ago, I introduced an “enforcement first” border […]

ePostal Matches for April

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The ePostal Match for April 2006 is being hosted at The target is available for download along with the scenario for the match. Results are due by April 24. I think I’ll give it a shot. Meanwhile Mr. Completely is hosting another challenging shooting competition. See rules and the target here.


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