This caught my eye today on a flight to Toronto.

Christian Island is an island in a lake (actually a bay) with three lakes.

latitude 44.833545° longitude -80.193448°

Wikipedia has this:

Christian Island is inhabited by the Beausoleil First Nation. Their ancestors were nomadic, traveling from northern Georgian Bay and the United States around Lakes Huron and Michigan. The early Canadian government tried to assimilate Native Americans into the larger society. They encouraged the Beausoleil to give up their nomadic ways and settle at Coldwater in 1834-1842 as part of the Coldwater Narrows Reserve. Later the Natives were displaced to Beausoleil Island in 1842, and still later, were displaced to Christian Island in 1856, where they have remained.

The First Nation has tried various ways to generate income on the small reserve, including stocking the island with pheasants for hunting, a cattle operation, a charcoal operation, and a commercial fishery. A portion of lands are designated for cottage leasing. Today, many of the residents work on the mainland, and a growing community has sprung up on an annex of property at the Cedar Point landing. Hope and Beckwith islands are uninhabited, but are popular anchorage sites for boaters, who pay a small anchorage fee to the First Nation community.

The First Nation operates an elementary school, a health centre, and a community centre. 24 hour EMS service and a volunteer fire department operate year round.

A ferry service connects the mainland at Cedar Point to Christian Island. A car ferry, the Sandy Graham, travels the straight between the Point and the Island on a regular schedule. Another ferry, the Indian Maiden, carries passengers only. It is capable of breaking ice up to 6″ thick. A hovercraft serves the island in case of emergency. At times of severe cold, the people build an ice road between the island and the mainland.

Christian Island has a lighthouse that marks the southern tip of the island. It was used in the past for ships travelling from Collingwood to Penetanguishene, Midland, and Parry Sound.

Canadian folk singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot penned a song about Christian Island in 1972 (“In the Lee of Christian Island”), alluding to the popularity of the island as a sailing area.

Christian Island is a popular camping spot and a place where cottagers come to relax in the summer time.

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