Live from the Gunblogger Rendezvous in Reno! the results from the September ePostal match are now in!

Mr C dominated the both the Pro and Men’s tee Class I (Rimfire);

Marc (Ninth Stage) rules in Class II (Centerfire)!

KeeWee and Tech Support win the Ladies’ rimfire and centerfire classes, respectively.

Mr. Completely and USCitizen tie for top honors in the Reno Class, which was added during the extension period.

And USCitizen ties Kim du Toit in Class X: Golf Ball projectiles! With exactly zero hits on target!

. . .

To help explain his success and his amazing scores, Mr. Completely‘s site has a picture of his High Standard Supermatic Citation.

(MAJOR Creative Fauxtography Alert.)

Mr C's HS

It’s a wonder that he didn’t leave powder burns on the paper at 7 yards. Crikey! Just look at the barrel on that one!

Full results are:

Class I – Pro Tees (10 yards)

Mr. Completely, with his High Standard Supermatic Citation shot an oustanding 44;
Marc at Ninth Stage, shooting his S&W 22 w/ Red Dot scored a 59;
jimmyb (the Conservative UAW Guy), shooting his Ruger Mk II scored a 61 – one-handed!;
USCitizen, shooting his Ruger Mk III scored a 68;
Baboy, shooting his Ruger Mk II scored a 71;
Billll, shooting his Ruger Mk I scored a 71;
Dean, shooting his Browning Buckmark with Red Dot scored a 73;
Kim du Toit, shooting his Colt Officers Model scored an 87; and
Ron, shooting his Browning Buckmark with Red Dot scored a 93.

Class II – Pro Tees

Marc, shooting his 1911 scored an amazing 57; and
Marc again, shooting his S&W 686 DAO scored an equally amazing 65.

Class I – Mens’ Tees (7 yards)

Mr. Completely, shooting his High Standard Supermatic Citation scored a (wow, just wow!) 38;
, shooting his Ruger Mk I scored a 52;
Baboy, shooting his Ruger Mk II scored a 54;
USCitizen, shooting his Ruger Mk III scored a 56;
Mr. Completely, also shooting his New Model Single Six, scored a 56;
Billll, shooting his Ruger Mk I scored a 57; and
Doug11, shooting his Ruger Mk II scored a 61.

Ladies’ Results (5 Yard Tees)

Class I

KeeWee, shooting her High Standard 103 Sharpshooter scored a 56.

Class II

Tech Support, shooting her 1911 (?) scored a 92.

– – –

Honorary Mention, Class X – Golf ball projectiles:

There was a tie between USCitizen and Kim du Toit! Both used a Wilson driver chambered in caliber 168 golf ball. Our scores of 108 represent the maximum score on both targets (2 over par for all holes). Alas, the targets emerged untouched by any of our well-aimed shots!

More scores from the Ladies Tees:

There were five other entries by guys using the ladies tees (5 yards) – I won’t name names, but … oh, sure I will:

In Class I

jimmyb shot a 35 (probably one-handed with one foot in the air while reading this blog with one eye);
Baboy shot a 50; and
USCitizen shot a 60.

In Class II

USCitizen shot a 73; and
Baboy shot a 99.

. . . . . . . .

In a special Reno Class added for the Gunblogger Rendezvous we shot 15 yard targets, supported on bench. The results:
In Class I (Rimfire)

USCitizen and Mr. Completely shared a tie with jimmyb‘s High Standard .22, both shooters scored a 59;
jimmyb, also shooting the High Standard, scored a 60.

(Note to self: Trigger work by the gunsmith = sweet.)

With jimmyb‘s Ruger Mark II:
USCitizen scored a 61;
Mr Completely scored a 70; and
jimmyb scored a 74.

Class II (centerfire pistol) had one entry in the Reno Class:

USCitizen scored an 82!

I did not realize it until the other day, but Mr. Completely says “no more e-Postal matches (are) planned for the year. (He will) probably start them back up in the Spring…”

Thanks to all, and special thanks to the Gunblogger Rendezvous attendees for participating in the Reno Shootout!! I hope you enjoyed the targets as much as I did!

. . .

‘Til next year, then for the ePostal matches, and thanks again to Mr Completely for letting me host this round.

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