September ePostal Match:

Handgun and Rifle Golf

Next up, Golf! Hosted here at Traction Control. Click link for details and a preview of a practice round.

Originally, Handgun Golf the rules have been expanded to include rifle shooters!

Scoring rules are printed on the right of the targets.

There are (See Modification) six classes,

Handguns: Class I – Rimfire and Class II – Centerfire handgun.

… and now for the Modification:

Open sights / Iron sights: Class III – Rimfire, Class IV – Centerfire (All open/iron sight rifle entrants multiply Handgun yardage by 4)

Scopes, Red Dots & Other optics: Class V – Rimfire, Class VI – Centerfire (All Correction: open/iron sight scoped rifle entrants multiply Handgun yardage by 6)
. . .

No other changes in scoring – no benchrests. All targets to fired off hand, unsupported.

(Note: I expanded the classes include rifle shooters mainly to use use the words “Class III“. – Ed.)

In each class, there are three ranges:


‘Ladies Tees’ – 5 yards

‘Mens’ Tees’ – 7 yards

‘Pro Tees’ – 10 yards

Rifles (Open sights):

‘Ladies Tees’ – 20 yards

‘Mens’ Tees’ – 28 yards

‘Pro Tees’ – 40 yards

Rifles (Optics):

‘Ladies Tees’ – 30 yards

‘Mens’ Tees’ – 42 yards

‘Pro Tees’ – 60 yards

Take 18 shots per sheet, 2 at each of the nine targets.

Three or more hits on one target, will cause only the lowest two to score. Low score wins in class and range.

Shooting style is any grip, unsupported, two handed. Extra honorable mentions to anyone shooting a 168 caliber golf ball! (I’m going to try it).

Download target (pdf file) here (Click – Right Click to Save in Firefox)

Send email entries with scores and target scans to:

USCitizen (-at-) Well-RegulatedMilitia (-dot-) org

Include the name you want published with the scores, the range in yards (or, Ladies, Mens’, Pro) the Class, Type & Caliber of gun you used and any other interesting stuff in a message with your entry.

Deadline for entries is midnight Pacific time, Sunday September 30, 2006.

September’s ePostal results will be scored and tallied in time for an announcment at the Gunblogger Rendezvous in Reno. Sign up now and join in!

Shoot safe! And good luck! And thanks one again to Mr. Completely for allowing Traction Control to perform the guest hosting honors!


The server report shows 49 target download requests in the first 5 days! A good sign for participation this month.

Welcome to all participants, and especially to the new ePostal shooters.
. . .

The August ePostal Results:

Full August results are at Conservative UAW Guy.

Mellow Rino (Slow fire)
Class One (rimfire):

1. Billll – 179 (Wow!!)
2. Mr. Completely – 164
3. Roland238 – 162
4. jimmyb – 157
5. US Citizen – 154 (dang)
6. KurtP – 119

Nice shooting, Billll, Mr.C., Roland and JimmyB!,
Mr. Completely had these observations:

1. Weak hand rapid fire is a lot slower than rapid fire.
2. Hitting ANYTHING is tough with your weak hand, and tougher if you hurry.
3. Anything larger than a .22 in my weak hand would be dangerous without a lot of practice!
4. Probably the hardest e-Postal handgun match we’ve had.

. . .

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