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Site-launch update #3

Photos are being added to products in all categories.

Hand Guns (3,438 items) are complete.

The Long Guns category (4,258 items) is in progress.

I’m proceeding alphabetically. Completed so far are:

American Tactical (ATI) (9)
Armalite (27)
Armscor (3)
Arsenal, Inc (15)
Austrian Sporting (2)
Auto Ordnance (31)
Barrett (16)
Beretta (7)
Bravo Company (3)
Browning (159)

I’m now at the start of Bushmaster category (with three items of 99 done).


Bushmaster (99) is done!

And so are:
Century Arms
Cimarron (5)
Citadel (4)
CMMG (6)
Colt’s (26)

Starting on CZ.


CZ (84) is done!

And so are:
Daniel Defense
DPMS (38)
DS Arms (16)
E.A.A. (4)
Escort (33)

FN is up next.

Update: 3

FN (60) is done

And so are:
H&R 1871
Heckler & Koch (5)
Henry (61)
Hi-Point (27)
Howa (446)
Inter Ordnance (6)
Interstate Arms (4)
Kel-Tec (46)
Keystone (21)
Knight’s Armament (5)
Legacy Sports (1)
Les Baer Custom (13)
LWRC (18)
MagnumResearch (18)
Marlin (162)
MasterPieceArms (2)
Maverick Arms (12)
Mossberg (513)
Olympic Arms (19)
Para USA (4)
Pointer (3)
PTR-91 (20)
Puma (35)
PW (1)
Remington (440)
Rock River Arms (8)
Rossi (129)
Ruger (150)
Russian American (16)
Sako (1)
Savage Arms (353)
Sig Sauer (11)
Smith & Wesson (43)
Spike’s Tactical (5)
Spirit Gun Mfg (6)
Springfield (83)
Stag Arms (21)
Stevens (30)
Steyr (14)
Tennessee Guns (1)
ThompsonCenter (67)
Tikka (77)
Umarex (24)
USSG (15)
Volquartsen (8)
Walther (5)
Weatherby (292)

Next up – and the final Long Gun Category (Hooray!):

Winchester (137)

Regular posting may be light.

Update 4:

Done! Total images added = 40,209.

… with many thanks to Say Uncle for the link – that’s a lot of Gun Porn!


Even items without pictures are ‘live’ for product orders. All items, descriptions and available quantities are updated daily!

An earlier comment suggested the prices could improve.
Well … effective today, they have!

Limited time?

Independent price surveys welcome in comments for further adjustments.

BTW it looks like owns the search phrase “SPMA92NRAC” on Google! Check it out.

Here is the site address to bookmark:

or you can use the following TinyURL:

Happy shopping!

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