Shooting indoors

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Ah, just a fleeting whiff of Cordite defied the wind of the air conditioners blowing fumes safely downrange to EPA filters.  The muffled thump-thump-thump of the Thompson and the Wham, wham … wham of the Kimber sending copper-jacketed rounds through the targets at seven, fifteen and even twenty yards.  The even artificial lighting illuminating the targets at all distances, controlled at the touch of a button – click one for forward; another to return.

No doubt the lead is recycled from the bullets; the brass casings are reloaded into new ammunition.  The only thing fungible are the gasses of primer and propellant, whisked safely away to the filters.

No rabbits, squirrels, or deer – or even pictures of rabbits, squirrels or deer were endangered during this outing.

Neither light, heat, distance nor wind were an issue, given the uniform positive ventilation of the temperature control system. Enviro-friendly, low-carbon footprint shooting? To me, it was more like an arcade game; a gallery shoot.

Somehow, I prefer fleeting targets tumbling swiftly along a swollen river, clouds racing across the sky alternating the point of aim from shadow to brightness, wind swirls frustrating the steadiest site picture and the smoke of gunfire lingering in the area long after the last reports have faded.

At the risk of appearing too Zumbo-esque:

“I’d rather hit my target only once in foul conditions than hit it ten times in ‘ideal’ conditions.”  cuz, I can’t count on ideal when I need it.”

Maybe, I just don’t like the idea of shooting indoors. That’s probably it. Mamma always said, “Don’t play rough in the house.”

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