Screaming Bridge: An Arlington, Texas Ghost Story

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From we have this account:

“A prominent urban myth in North Texas, screaming bridge has been visited by many locals over the decades. From teenagers out having fun to paranormal investigators, the story draws many in search of their own screaming bridge experience. Trying to hear the screams of the departed has been a ritual of passage for many Arlington teens.”

In the mid 1970’s I had heard that legend and still cruised to that area.

Many times.

Once as a passenger in the back seat of my buddy’s Mustang, I had to scream myself to get him to stop our car as were speeding toward the “Death Crossing”.

After dusk you could see the dark horizon, but that night the horizon was moving. What appeared to be the horizon was moving from East to West. We skidded to a stop with only feet to spare to avoid a collision with a freight train.

On another night, I rode with another driver on the same road when he over steered a corner and we rolled his ’66 Plymouth Barracuda in mid-air off the left side of Mosier Valley Road.

With no seat belts, we both experienced weightlessness as the car spun downward – hitting the ground first on it’s passenger side and coming to rest on all four wheels. It was Mark’s first car. And it was totaled. (Sad story after so many years his sister had taken such good care of it before it was his.)

The Death Crossing at Screaming Bridge almost killed me twice.

Thanks to the for researching and posting the origins of the legend.

It was tough to survive being a teenager then; I suspect that it’s not easy now, either.

Thankfully, I can only recall about 8 or 9 near death experiences in my life.

Two of those happened at Screaming Bridge.

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