Right Now: -33 Degrees C

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Traction Control, reporting from Mordor

It’s cold here.

The kind of cold where the snow doesn’t crunch, but squeaks with a sound like twisting a balloon when you walk or drive on it.  That sound is made by the breaking of ice bonds within the snow under the weight of footsteps or tires.

I stepped outside and inhaled once and felt my nose hairs freeze. I exhaled and felt my breath freeze my moustache.  So, in the interest of scientific experimentation, I spit. 

At that time, the temperature was -26 degrees C.  The spit landed in liquid form (which froze later). 

My Canadian co-workers say, “It isn’t cold yet.”

I’ll report back when spit freezes in air and bounces when it lands, and ask them again,

“Is it cold, yet?”

The answer I expect is, “Nope”.

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