Here was the line-up:



Grand Prize

Custom Christensen Arms Hunter Rifle in .300 UM with Elk Foundation logo on the floor plate

Or Win One of These:

  • * 2007 Elk Foundation banquet rifle—Ruger #1 in .338 Mag
  • * 2005 Elk Foundation banquet rifle—Browning A Bolt with satin nickel finish in .338 Mag
  • * Smith & Wesson AirLite Scandium Framed .44 Mag with 4” barrel
  • * Remington Model 700 XCR with synthetic stock and satin stainless steel finish—choice of caliber
  • * BowTech bow
  • * Browning A Bolt II Hunter with satin walnut finish—choice of caliber
  • * Browning Exclusive High Power .40 S&W pistol — camo finish with black grips
  • * TIKKA T3 Hunter bolt action rifle with walnut satin finish and T3 checkering—choice of caliber
  • * One of four Remington Model 700 SPS’s with black synthetic stock and blued barrel—choice of caliber
  • * Winchester Model 70 with camo synthetic stock and blued barrel in .325 WSM
  • * One of four Weatherby Vanguard Synthetics with black synthetic stock and blued barrel—choice of caliber
  • * Thompson Center OMEGA Z5 muzzleloader in 50 cal with black synthetic stock
  • * One of four Stevens/Savage Model 200s with gray synthetic stock and blued barrel—choice of caliber
  • * Winchester Apex muzzleloader in 50 cal with black synthetic stock
  • * CVA Wolf muzzleloader in 50 cal with black synthetic stock

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation put on a VERY impressive raffle this year. See details and more about this organization at RMEF.org (Caution: – especially those of you with military backgrounds – don’t try typing those URL letters without proofreading -! – Ed.)

I got a call from a friend tonight who said, “I won First and Third Prizes in a raffle! Can I have some firearms sent to you?”

“Of course.” said I, ” Let me know who its’ coming from and I’ll make the arrangements.” I faxed my contact and license info to the dealer and that was that. Goodies should arrive just in time for Christmas!

Everyone should keep contact for their friendly neighborhood FFL contact info in their wallets, purse, cell phone, or at least by the land line phone should the need arise. If you don’t have a friendly neighborhood FFL in Texas, I would be happy to send you my card and a brochure. Simply email USCitizen@Well-RegulatedMilitia.com with your name and address with the words “Business Card” in the subject line.

Merry Christmas to my readers! Congratulations to my friend! And thanks to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation on a contest well done!

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