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I may be a bit slow to put together the pieces, but following the second inauguration of Obama, it dawned on me what pattern we can expect to see from this administration.  It is a pattern of provocation.

Obama has been carefully and casually dismissive of the greatest ideals of this country since day one.

Voting rights? Black Panthers at polling places – all charges dropped

Free speech? Hit back twice as hard.

Second Amendment? Bitter clingers, “Fast & Furious”, Executive Orders and calls for confiscation.

Individual rights? Julia and calls for “collective action.”

Free enterprise? Crony capitalism, GM, Solyndra and, “You didn’t build that”.

Religion? Attack Catholic institutions, support the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, levy fines on family businesses that profess religious faith.

Traditions of the Nation and its founding? Skip Ceremonies at Arlington, drop “Our Creator” from quotes and “God” from the Pledge.

Fiscal responsibility? Puh-leeze.

Separation of Powers? Czars.

This President is a consistent source of provocation. Look for it in any transcript of any speech – you won’t need to look far to find other examples.

Do these provocations equate to the “Intolerable Acts” of George III? Perhaps yes, perhaps no.

What does he hope to accomplish with his provocations?

Is he trying to spark a Civil War?

Could he win it? And what would America look like afterward?

I wonder,  “what is his game plan?” And I see danger for Our Republic.


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