@OhioCoastie (Alo Konsen): On the Oregon Standoff

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(Several Tweets Combined into one).

There may come a day when armed resistance to federal authority is necessary. We’re not there yet.

As long as peaceful avenues remain for redressing legitimate grievances, those are the routes we must take. If you resort to violence against the gov’t before it’s absolutely necessary, you should expect no support from people like me.

By jumping to violence against the gov’t too soon, you paradoxically make it more likely that it’ll become necessary. Thanks, you asshats. Besides, in that situation you’re giving the authoritarian statists a valuable gift: fodder for lying propaganda against liberty lovers.

Every petty tyrant in DC is salivating at the thought of what “emergency measures” can now be implemented, thanks to these fools in OR.

For 7 long years, every frantic claim of “right wing violence” proved to be bullshit. Now these dummies in OR threaten that streak. 99.9% of violence in America is instigated by leftists or by their natural constituents. The mainstream media whitewashes that fact. These low-wattage “militia” guys in OR are on track to becoming the greatest propaganda coup for the Left since Tim McVeigh.

Obama & Hillary & friends have been pushing pushing pushing, trying to provoke a violent response that they can use to justify a crackdown. You fucking idiots holed up in the Malheur Nat’l Wildlife Refuge are giving the Left exactly what it wants.

My prayer: these “militia” fools sober up & come out peacefully with their hands up, then shut up until trial.

— Alo Konsen (@OhioCoastie) January 4, 2016

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