New Shooter Range Report, Dateline: LA

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Treating a friend or co-worker who has never fired a handgun to pleasant afternoon of target shooting is a great way to introduce people to the shooting sports and the tools of self-defense.

Today, we paid a visit to the Los Angeles Gun Club with two new shooters. One from DC and one from Atlanta.



We (myself and my NRA Certified Instructor companion) conducted a safety briefing and a discussion of grip, stance, sight picture, and the Four Rules of Safety on the way to the range.

We also received a basic safety briefing and a tutorial at the range on the operation of the various handguns we rented for the afternoon.

Paper targets were positioned at 7 yards.

First new shooter who started with a .45 and tried a 9 mm later, now says he prefers the .45.

Our second new shooter feels he can be more accurate with a 9 mm, after firing a 9 mm, followed by the .45 later.

Handguns used were: Beretta 9 mm, Heckler & Koch 9 mm, Kimber 45 and Sig Sauer 45.

Taking a new shooter to the range is a great way to introduce new people to the joy that arises from personal firearm proficiency.

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