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Dallas area Blogshoot – lock and load for April 21

OK, I have final confirmation on availability of the venue for 21 April, so let’s lock the date. The lovely and SMLE Mrs. Borepatch will be out with me, so ideally we’ll have a turnout of the ladies to keep the rest of us on our best behavior. Details below.Date/Time:Saturday, 21 April 2012 1100 hours.

Location: 3100 E. Beltline Rd, Ferris, TX 75125.

What to bring: Water is important, and snacks are good. If you got ’em, bring your guns and ammo. At the New England blogshoots we always joked that we had enough guns to invade Canada. Since everything’s bigger in Texas, we’ll need guns – lotsof guns.

Raffle: We’re having a Blogshoot raffle to support our gunnie brothers and sisters trapped behind Enemy Lines in the People’s Soviet* of Massachusetts. Each pre-ban AR magazine you donate to the Cause will get you one chance to win. I’ll bring prizes, as well as the obligatory stuffed children’s toy that we sacrifice to the Gunnie Ghods. Remember, these have to be pre-ban, meaning manufactured before 1994, or we can’t send ’em to JayG and the Crew. Bring your old stuff – these are surprisingly hard to get in Massachusetts (which is the point).

Carpooling: The Texas Gun Blogosphere’s own community organizer, Southern Belle has generously agreed to help, err, organize. While carpooling is a commie plot to undermine the fabric of American society, at $4/gal it’s pretty dang expensive to do long road trips (ask me how I know!). We have folks in Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas – and points outside and in between). If anyone is thinking about NOT coming because of the cost of gas (or the hassle of driving), please leave a comment here or over at her place. I can bring two people from Austin to and from the blogshoot, and if we can get a few other folks to volunteer, we can bring a Texas sized crew.

Here’s the list of the folks who have expressed an interest:

U.S. Citizen
Dwight Brown
Southern Belle and Kx59
Bill in Austin
Shepherd K
That Guy
Bob S
Cap’n Jan
John Farrier
Pat St. John
Mark (from Corpus Christi)
An Ordinary American
Mark Smith
Texas Sean

If all y’all can drop a comment (at Borepatch’s place)  to say whether you think you’re in or out, and if you’d like to ride with someone, that’d be very much appreciated.

Potential Attendees:

Kevin Baker

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