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For those who followed my ordeal with a computer upgrade last month, I would like to share a different experience. This story is about the absolutely stellar performance of Henry Repeating Arms in response to a customer service inquiry.

Two weeks ago, the spring came out of a feeding tube of one of my boy’s Henry Lever Youth Model rifles. The follower was damaged, perhaps as a result of loading one round over capacity? Kim du Toit suggested that perhaps I should contact Henry Repeating Arms, since he had heard they have good reputation for service. I did not imagine that the experience was going to be like this:

I wrote a ‘general delivery’ email to info@henryrepeating.com describing what had broken and included a digital picture of the part in my message.
I also mentioned that both rifles (we have two) seemed to have some feeding problems with cartridges sometimes being stuck behind the ramp.

I sent the message.

Not only did I get a response, I got a response that same evening. Not some automated response form mail either, but from the President of the company! He said the factory would happily inspect both rifles and send freight-paid shipping labels as well, with a normal turnaround of three weeks.

I responded to that message, with, “Yes, the shipping labels would be appreciated … would it be possible to send boxes, too?”

I did not receive another email in response, instead I received two factory-fresh Henry Lever Youth Model boxes, each in its own shipping carton. Inside of each box was a hand lettered envelope containing weight calculated shipping labels!

The rifles went in the boxes and off to UPS on their way back to the factory where I’m confident they will be restored to perfection. Wow! What an amazing experience!

Compared to the computer world where I could not receive a confirmation that my order was even in process after supplying serial numbers, copies of invoices, Certificates of Authenticity, Service Tags numbers, attempting numerous phone calls and chat sessions, Henry Repeating Arms has earned an advocate for life with a quick response to a one paragraph email!

There is another lesson here, too; that being one of effective business practices.

By being inclined to solve instead of verifying – or denying – the legitimacy of issues, Henry Repeating Arms probably handled the whole customer relations affair with less than 10 minutes of manpower, compared to 12 to 18 hours spent by the computer company avoiding an answer. Are you learning anything from this Mr. Dell?

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Update: An email comment to this article (added with permission)
Thank you very, very much – we certainly appreciate it. We do pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. Get it over with and make the customer happy. I will have our web folks contact Traction (Control – Ed.). Thanks again. Well written.

Anthony Imperato, President
Henry Repeating Arms, Co.
110 8th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Telephone 718-499-5600
Fax 718-768-8056
Email Info@HenryRepeating.com
Website http://www.henryrepeating.com


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