Article headline: Halloween etiquette: Trick-or-treat but be polite

Oops, I was going to provide a quote until I noticed the source was AP. The question I was looking to answer is this:

For an evening where dozens, if not hundreds of people gain license to ring at strangers’ doors seeking treats, is it Open Carry (OC), or is concealed preferred for the etiquette-conscious homeowner?

Would OC work better if part of a costume?  Think cowboy boots, gun-belt, bandoleer, vest, bandanna, cowboy hat …

P.S. Halloween Home Invasion returns 1,540,000 links. Be safe out there.

P.P.S. Here’s one CBS article from last year:

Police Investigate Brazen Halloween Home Invasion

For one homeowner on Long Island this Halloween, the people behind the masks at his front door were not trick-or-treaters, but rather armed criminals who barged in, tied him up, and burglarized his Merrick house.

“If you’re gonna dress in costume and commit a crime, tonight’s the night, right?” neighbor Bob Young said. Unfortunately, it appears that Young is right.

The man of the house was alone.

“He went to the front door, and he encountered three individuals. The first one, Superman, barged in – he was wearing a full Superman outfit with the fake muscles and the full mask,” Nassau Police Lt. Kevin Smith said. “There was another person wearing a monster’s mask as well and blue jeans. The third person, he couldn’t really identify.”

The homeowner told police that they spent about 20 minutes in the house after hitting him with the butt of a gun, knocking him down, and tying him up.

He said they too several thousand dollars in cash before they fled out the back door into the night.

The area has fairly light trick-or-treat traffic. Neighbors Joe and Patricia Cucuzzo are unnerved at news of the costumed home invasion across the street.

“It’s very scary, it’s very strange, very weird,” Pat Cucuzzo said.

“Right now we’re looking for a Superman with a Spanish accent,” Lt. Smith said. “Another person was wearing a mask, and the third person had no kind of costume on at all.”

All three perpetrators had Spanish accents. The owner heard them say that it was time to go.

He was able to free himself from his ropes and went next door, where he took some time to explain to neighbors that this wasn’t a Halloween prank.

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