Shocking News!  Government market regulation lead to higher consumer prices.

Earlier today, I received an inquiry for one of the Most Common Firearms On The Planet. – That would be the ubiquitous, and much discussed AK-47 .

A scan of the available stock illustrates the impact of our government’s regulation of free markets.

At your basic Niarobi or Mozambique open air market one could normally expect to pay $200 for an AK (used, of course). As the Iraqi Military discovered (until their arms shipment was held up in Italy last year) the going price was $495 per copy (for new stock) from Russia or thereabouts.

But, here in the ‘Wild West’ of the Good ‘ol USA however, a transferable, NFA-legal, citizen-worthy AK-47 will cost a bit more. A "bit" in this case being 3,300% to $5,800% more .

You see because there exist only a few legally registered, legally transferable rifles in this category, what would cost your average Botswana resident two months of turnip harvest, i.e. $200; costs your basic law abiding American Citizen $16,499 to $28,999 ! (The lower price range is for a registered lower conversion; higher range is for the GENUINE $200 Mozambique, or similar rifle).

Heck, even for ME that’s a lot of money!  Imagine what close to $30G’s of International Jet Setting and Trans-Continental debauchery that would have to be put on hold. Oh, the horror of it all!

(WARNING: Sarcastic remark follows this line.  Close your browser now, turn off your computer and travel to the next County, State or township to avoid reading the next sentence:

(Sarcasm On)

Perhaps, pretty soon only the very wealthy will be able to pull off bank robberies with full-auto weapons.

Is that really what we want? So much for equal opportunity.


Repeal the Hughes Amendment – for the children.

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