No Gunblogger Rendezvous is complete without a Day at the Range.

Here are some pix from today’s outing:

Joe (The View from Northern Idaho) carefully prepares to destroy the 616 yard metal plate.

Conservative UAW Guy test fires Larry’s race gun.

Zeroing-in the Barrett M82A1at 100 Yards. (That’s what a Mil-Dot Scope reticle looks like.) Mil-Dots are used to estimate the range for objects of known sizes.

See that speck below the rock face 2/3 up the mountain?  (Me Neither).  It’s a 55 gallon drum painted white.

Now it’s a 55 gallon drum painted white with lot’s of .50 caliber holes in it.

Yardage measured with Joe’s Leica 1200 yard laser range finder: 957.

Aiming dead-on shooters who had never fire a .50 caliber round before were scoreing first round hits at 957 yards.  The Barret B.O.R.S. System (see top of scope) did a fine job!

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