GBR-II: An afternoon with the NRA

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An enlightening afternoon with NRA / ILA grass-roots representatives. Gunbloggers poised pointed questions and provided many suggestions for more effective outreach, community involvement and more effective marketing of the NRA’s message.

Gunbloggers: Public perception of the NRA’s efforts are often neglected when ‘back channel’ moves are a focus of lobbying efforts. What is being done in Wisconsin, Illinois and Delaware?

NRA: (furiously scribbling notes)

Gunbloggers: Bring attention to abuses in ‘administrative rulings’ that are not reflected in the letter of the law (99R – re-importation of barrels; destruction of surplus ammo; ATF shut-down of licensed dealers and other administrative rulings – i.e., guns on space craft ‘not a collective right’ language; call on Congress to fund the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), etc.)

NRA: (furiously scribbling notes)

Gunbloggers: Realize this – it’s NOT about hunting. Hunters are what? 20% of gun-owners – the real number may be what? 5%.

(furiously scribbling notes)

Gunbloggers: The NRA needs to be visible as individuals – at ranges; at introduce-a -new-shooter events, etc. Don’t be a de-personified ‘organization’ that can be attacked for its anonymity.

NRA: Please provide Gunblog readers with ways to get involved; contact representatives; help to increase voter registration and turnout. This is good … Let’s do this again!

Gunbloggers: How about a forum at the NRA’s convention where issues like these are addressed with the candidates for office?

NRA: Maybe East coast would work better for that.


Summary: We be a tough crowd. All thanked the NRA for giving us a hearing. Without the NRA, it’s likely none of us would have a gun today.

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