Today we had another critter sighting along Highway 63.

We couldn’t confirm their relationship status, but they were definitely a couple – as in two, moose (mooses?) pretending to graze along the side of the highway today.

I know they were pretending to graze, because they were standing hip deep in snow above ground that has been frozen for what, four months now?

Nope.  They weren’t grazing, they were waiting for dark.

And plotting.

You see, dark is when moose (meese?) become invisible. Their hides absorb all light.  Even the retinas of their eyes do not reflect a headlight when but not if, they choose to stand in the roadway.

As I write this post, the day has ebbed into nightfall.

Who knows what sinister plots the moose will unloose – or, because there is more than one, the meese will unleash?

Critter sightings to date in Mordorwith no birds in the sky or animals below” include coyote (1), deer (1), moose (2). Despite what “respected” journalists may journal, there be critters here.

And big ones.

P.S. Moose (or Mooses or Meese) look like cute Shetland Pony versions of Moose (or Mooses or Meese) when they are standing in hip deep snow.  Do not be deceived by their masterful skills of subterfuge ( a French-sounding word for sneakiness).

That is all.

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