Colorado Sheriffs Rally Against Magazine Bans

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Colorado sheriffs hold rally in support of magazine ban lawsuit

Over 800 people rallied to support Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith, Weld County Sheriff John Cooke, El Paso Country Sheriff Terry Maketa and the Independence Institute in their lawsuit against the unconstitutional gun laws passed by the Colorado legislature.

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Sheriff Cooke said that the lawsuit is about the Constitution and public safety, and that these laws hinder public safety. The lawsuit, he said, is about freedom, liberty and the right to self-protection.

Sheriff Maketa said that in over thirteen years in his involvement with the legislative process this was the first time that he, as an elected sheriff, was not allowed to speak at the hearings. El Paso County is the largest county in Colorado and Sheriff Maketa was reelected with 81 percent of the vote in 2012.

He said that the east coast gun grabbers picked the fight in Colorado and that passing these bills was “our Alamo.” They counted on us doing nothing about it, he said, but they were wrong.

Read the full story at the link above.

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