CHL Qualification: 249 out of 250

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The forecast had called for morning rain, but the weather system moved to the east so my Concealed Handgun License qualification session proceeded without interruption.

The classroom portion, wherein knowledge of crisis management techniques, communication models and the relevant statutes surrounding the use of lethal force were covered had some missteps. (I missed three of the 50 questions, two of which I knew, but marked incorrectly).

Interesting factoid: In this state, mischief after dark is one of the things that can get you a justifiable dose of lethal force.

Kimber Pro CarryThe handgun proficiency portion of the qualification test was another matter.

Only one round from the Kimber Pro Carry strayed from centermass into deep shoulder territory on the silhouette target.  Incidentally, I noticed that the new qualification targets reflect a change in training philosophy.  The lethal zone has been shifted lower, focusing solely on center mass.  Head shots are no longer scored in the qualifications. 

Hmm, while I might disagree, I recognize that the rules for paper targets must be followed, in qualification anyway.

One other noteworthy change was the color: green, instead of blue, (which replaced black). Jeebus! Must my targets be politically correct, too?

Qualifying score:
249 out of a possible 250!

It was a beautiful thing.

Paperwork’s in the mail.

An observation: Shooting is a lot like golf.

Hit a thousand golf balls a day and it becomes instinctive. Fire a thousand rounds a day (or a week), same thing. (Incidentally, I seem to recall this was a key precept to the training regimen of the Seal’s Red Cell under Richard Marchinko. Marchinko’s platoons used the ammunition equivalent of a battalion in training exercises.) When I first fired the Kimber Pro Carry, I was printing wide groups on paper targets. After many hours, the pistol’s handling characteristics became instinctive and consistent. The gun did not change, it was the shooter. The unfamiliar became reliable.

The Kimber Pro Carry is my constant carry choice for never-jammed and on-target reliability. Highly recommended.

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