7 more shopping days remaining ’til April 15.BAG Day
It’s BAG (Buy A Gun) Day IV.

Aaron’s (http://aarons.cc/) concept has become a tradition. While his site seems to be experiencing technical difficulty major jihad, I’ll pass along that: New for 2006, he has set up a Frappr Map click to ‘place your pin on the map‘ for Buy A Gun Day.

(Gratuitous Gun Pr0n inserted below:)


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. . .


In comments at SayUncle, Aaron’s cc says:

I’ve been hacked. So far, Hosting Matters has tracked it to Saudi Arabia. I was offline for the Sabbath. It happened a couple of hours before sundown Friday, I notified HM and they’re still working on it.

In response to my comment at Resistance is Futile!, Aaron’s cc says:

Been hacked since Friday afternoon. My host (Hosting Matters) says it came from Saudi Arabia through the CPanel. They’re still trying to work on it.

I may end up extending BAG Day.

And there is a bit more cause for concern because they had access to my email for a while and I have no idea what personal stuff they might have been able to glean.

I’ve already been on some of the referrer sites and fed them through Arabic-to-English translators but they’re pretty unintelligible except for the glee at taking the site down.

I got some of my files back, so they’re still hit with images … Hope to get my blog up soon.

Theodore’s World (Wild Thing) picks up the story: Aarons Blog has been Hacked

Update 2 (4/10/2006)

Aarons.cc is back – It’s clobberin’ time! Welcome back!
Update 3 (4/13/2006)

Looks like it’s down again (4/13/06) …

Update 4 (4/30/2006)

Aaron’s back online after a renewed wave that affected those who blog on Hosting Matters. The 101st Fighting Keyboardists pledge our support. Clobberin’ time, indeed.

Clobberin Time

Update 5 (5/2/2006)

Aaron’s been hacked again … Best wishes for a speedy return to clobberin’ time.

The Hack-bastards’ background image originated here.

An attack on US interests, traced to Saudi Arabia – Casus Belli anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

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